To help digest: what should you eat when you have gas?  |  Prof. Rafi Carso
My 50-year-old daughter is on the autism spectrum and lives in a hostel. From October 7, I moved her back to the house. Every morning she has employment in the hostel, and then she likes to listen to music if there are no classes. At home she tends to lie down a lot more, and now she suffers from gas in an abnormal way. Nutritionally there is no change, I made sure she had food from home. Now I try not to give her vegetables and dairy products, and I also cut out legumes. What can I do about it?

“What you describe is also related to nutrition. Gas is usually due to a problem with digestion. In some people who are sensitive to it, gas is caused by combinations of foods. It means your daughter is not digesting well. What I suggest is to give your daughter carbohydrates with vegetables or proteins with vegetables, but not proteins and carbohydrates together. You should try it, and then maybe give her food that is easier to digest. There are digestive enzymes she can take with every meal, three times a day, they can help. There are several types of digestive enzymes in different degrees of strength.”

I am 63 years old and recently started taking ciprofloxacin for recurring anxiety attacks. I examined all the things that happened and realized that they happened because of anxiety. I wanted to ask if when I drink a glass of beer or a glass of wine every now and then it conflicts with the medicine?

“no problem. If you had told me that it was four glasses of wine a day, I might have treated it differently. But if you’re talking about once or twice a week when you drink a glass of wine or one bottle of beer, there’s no problem with that.”

I am 85 years old, and for a year and a half I have been suffering from the pain of shingles. I got sick during the corona epidemic, and the pain just drives me crazy, especially at night. I received medicine and medical cannabis oil, the pain subsides but returns, it starts in the evening and continues throughout the night. What would have happened if I had received morphine pills? I saw an article about a device that can heat the depth of the tissues. Can it also help with shingles?

“The medicine you are taking is also a type of morphine. I would try one drop of cannabis in the morning together with the medicine you take according to the dose you take, two more drops of cannabis at noon, and two more drops at night. Try it and see. I have no experience with the device you describe with shingles, but if the company of the device is serious enough, ask to try it for a month and see if it helps you. If you see after 60 days that the device really helps you, you should purchase it. In the beginning, if the device doesn’t help for a day or two, it doesn’t mean anything.”

I am 62 years old, and soon I will have to undergo a colonoscopy. I’m fine, my intestines are fine, but I heard the broadcasts on TV and decided to do the test since I haven’t had it yet. I’m afraid that I will have a complication during the test, because I know two people who have had complications from it.

“I think your decision to pass the test is a good one. Colon cancer is a cancer that has one good and one bad quality: the bad is that it is a violent cancer that spreads quickly. The good feature – it grows very slowly. If you see something benign and take it out, the matter is over. If they find nothing in your examination, they will tell you to come again in 7-8 years. If God forbid they find something, they’ll tell you it’s good you came, they’ll take out a polyp if they find it and tell you to come back in a few years. There are very rare complications in people who have intestinal pathology.”

These conversations do not constitute a personal medical recommendation. You should always consult and be examined by your family doctor or a specialist

Rafi Carso is a professor of neuroscience and the nervous system at Bar-Ilan University, MD, former director of the neurology department and the pain clinic at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera

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