The moment that passes does not return and without you noticing, you are already 42 years old with three children in July-August, feeling old-something and especially damp. Want to feel young again and prolong life? Here are 10 tips that will put you in a young spirit. For example, start by giving up heels and putting red on the menu

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“Time does not stop, it flies, eagle, smoke screen,” Muki sings in “Daddy’s Child” and indeed there is no good way to say it: whatever the technology may be, at any given moment, we are growing up and there are quite a few beautiful sides to this growing up. On the other hand, teenage life is magical for all of us. The good news is that there is a way to stay young, in spirit, in mind and also in body. Here are some daily things that are recommended to be adopted for the sake of prolonging a healthy and good life.

  1. Wear clothes in your size

    Forget the jeans you wore in high school, the favorite bra that suited old-fashioned recipients, or the underwear from the military, and be sure to wear clothes that fit you. Clothes that press on the body interfere with our normal blood flow and thus harm our health and do not let us start talking about the effects of the sculptors, have mercy on us. Tight and small clothes out of bounds for those who want a long and flowing life.

  2. Take off your high heels

    We are all born with a natural arch in the foot whose function is to support our entire body structure. Once we wear high heels, we instantly change the entire structure and foundations of the building, which can lead to back and joint pain, inflammation and severe orthopedic problems that shorten life. There are also quite a few people who have decided to give up shoes at all, even on the run, and do everything barefoot.

  3. Make up less

    Makeup causes our facial skin to age prematurely. During makeup, the pores of the skin become clogged and the skin breathes less and receives oxygen. This does not mean, of course, that we will stop putting on make-up, but it is recommended to choose light make-up that does not contain perfumes and allergens. There are makeup products that can be dangerous and inflammatory and especially for those who are more sensitive so try to put on less makeup, with natural, happy and supervised makeup, and do not forget to remove the makeup before bed, so as not only to prolong your life, but to extend them with young and healthy skin.

  4. Use less detergents and cosmetics

    Burns, allergies, dryness, rashes and chronic skin diseases are just some of the body’s symptoms of exposure with unnatural cleansers and cosmetics. The skin is the largest organ in our body and it protects and protects us throughout our lives, but it also has a hard time dealing with exposure to chemicals. Try to reduce the use of products that can cause allergies and switch to using natural products, whether they are home cleaners or body care products.

  5. Surround yourself with people with good energies

    So it is true that family does not choose, but we have the option to choose our friends, the environment close to us and our spouses. The secret to a calm life that instills in us peace, inspiration and love is in choosing the right people. The more calm, peaceful and happy we become in our environment, the more likely we are to live long and happily.

  6. Add greens and reds to the menu

    Loading antioxidants on our menu, date the bottom line of our lives. Antioxidants fight free radicals that create disease and they are found in all fruits and vegetables in all colors. In addition to preventing disease, eating plenty of foods that contain antioxidants, will also make us look younger because they will keep the skin from wrinkles and various aging damages. Add lots of green leaves, tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, mango and variety with colorful vegetables to the menu every day.

  7. Exercise at least 4 times a week but also move in the middle of the day

    Many people tell themselves that they do sports, but in practice they do two roof exercises a week and the rest of the time sit or lie down. Exercise strengthens muscles, makes us feel better about ourselves, it strengthens the immune system and prevents diseases that shorten our lives. As we brush our teeth every day and eat every day, we need to remember to move our body every day, whether it is in an initiated workout like strength training or running or yoga, a stretching lesson and walking. The more you are on the move, the longer your life will be. Also do aerobic training that improves heart function, helps balance cholesterol levels, helps maintain weight and mood and also strength training that maintains good posture, improves metabolic rate, strengthens the body and gives the body a younger look.

  8. Eat dates

    An Israeli study found that dates prolong life. The dates contain natural sugars that do not cause obesity or an increase in blood sugar levels, according to a study conducted by the Technion’s Faculty of Medicine. In addition, dates have no effect on the rise in blood fats, dates have been found to have unique antioxidants that mean a reduced risk of heart attack and stroke so you should probably add dates to the diet to prolong life, which also raises mood and energy but does not harm fat or sugar levels .

  9. Meditation and guided imagery

    We are used to living alongside stress, whether it is from work, school, school or the cumulative general life load, but high stress levels that accumulate in our body can eventually translate into illness, overeating and obesity, poor sleep and poor mental state. In order to reduce the dose of stress, you can use relaxing tools such as guided imagery, meditation, relaxing music or yoga. The calmer we are, the clearer our thinking, the better the mood, the sleep is better, the hormone levels are normal and the health is at its best in the long run.

  10. Laugh

    Humor boosts the immune system of the gut and a big laugh from the stomach improves blood circulation by twenty percent. And even without all of that, admit that life looks a lot better after an episode of “Friends.”

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