After last Sunday, the directors of the seven public hospitals – Hadassah, Shaare Zedek, Maayan Hayeshua, Laniado and the three hospitals in Nazareth, the French, the English and the Italian, announced that they would stop accepting Corona patients due to lack of budgets, the directors announced today (Tuesday). Nitzan Horowitz, And to the CEO of MDA, Eli Bin, Because starting tomorrow they are moving to a Shabbat format.

The hospitals are moving to an emergency format due to the inability to treat patients and in light of the non-compliance with the agreement signed by the ministries of health and finance with them and the lack of a budget, according to them. A statement from the Minister of Health and MDA stated: “We would like to inform you that due to the structural deficit imposed on us by the state and due to non-compliance with the agreement with the public hospitals, the seven hospitals are unable to function fully and provide adequate care to patients due to lack of budgeting.”

It was also written that “in light of this, starting tomorrow, the seven hospitals will switch to a Shabbat format and will only carry out life-saving activities. No evacuations will be accepted from MDA that are not life-saving and must be referred to other hospitals.”

The hospital directors add: “We will not open negotiations with us, no one is talking to us. With understanding and sympathy for our problems we can not pay suppliers. “We demand that we open direct negotiations with us to resolve the crisis. Tonight the prime minister takes off and leaves us to fight in Corona with cartridges without bullets. We expect him to intervene in the crisis.”

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