Hadassah CEO Ein Kerem: “We expect to be given the opportunity to treat patients”

Hadassah Ein Kerem CEO Prof. Yoram Weiss spoke with Anat Davidov on 103FM and discussed the partial strike that opened in public hospitals: “Today is a sad day, it is the duty of the State of Israel to take care of public hospitals as well.”

“We can only provide life-saving treatments or cancer-related treatments,” Weiss said. “We apologize to a patient for the inconvenience caused to him. I do not think there is a hospital director who wants to inform the public that he is reducing activity, especially when the blame is not his,” he added.

According to him, the budget received at the hospital is about 60% of the amount allocated. “We expect to be given the opportunity to give the best care as can be given in government hospitals,” the hospital’s director general clarified.

Prof. Weiss claimed that the hospital staff would come to work tomorrow despite the transition to a “Shabbat format”, out of a desire to treat patients and in the hope of reaching a settlement. However, the treatments that will be performed will be life-saving surgeries and oncological treatments, the rest will be rejected.

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