Hundreds of Israelis who have volunteered to be experimenters with the Biological Institute’s Israeli corona vaccine are repeatedly falling between the cracks, with the entry of the green mark and the new corona restrictions. Although they have been applying to the Ministry of Health for a long time due to difficulties in obtaining a green card and a vaccine certificate, they do not receive an answer. It so happened that those who volunteered to help develop a blue and white vaccine find themselves in a state of utter helplessness. Having difficulty getting to workplaces, unable to enter resorts, restaurants and more. This is because the vaccine is not recognized by the HMOs and any bureaucratic procedure is performed only by the Ministry of Health which despite the repeated requests does not provide answers or any solution.

Ironically they are not even eligible for the third serving. “They are right. There is not a day that we do not raise the problems of the experimenters and turn to the Ministry of Health to ask them what is happening,” said whoever is part of the project.

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“Do I need to get a third dose”

“We are in a very strange place where we do not have a vaccine certificate. We only have a green mark that came directly from the Ministry of Health as a message,” says Tomer Kummerling, one of the Israelis who volunteered to participate in the experiment. “As far as the HMOs are concerned, we are not vaccinated at all. There is no procedure that updates the extension of the green label.” Kummerling’s condition is still considered good because in the experiment he received the high dose. Those who received lower doses or the placebo are not entitled to the green mark extension and this has great significance for day-to-day conduct.

“For weeks I have been warning that my green mark is about to expire in front of the person conducting the experiment. I have no idea what to do to renew the mark. And in general what is my status, should I get the third dose or not? The answers I get is that there are discussions but no Answers “.

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Kummerling as well as other experimenters with whom we spoke and asked to remain anonymous, highlight the gap between the medical staff conducting the trial and the Ministry of Health. One of the volunteers told us that “when it comes to experimentation and what they do to us, really everything is said and explained to us. I have no open question, when I know because of the explanations what will happen to me and what needs to be done. But everything related to health and bureaucracy “I have no idea what will happen. My green note expired five days ago. I can not even sit in a restaurant. I can not go to work and I have no idea if I need or not a third course.”

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Full backing from the doctors in the field

The biological institute developed the experiment, a very complex scientific move, the institute vaccinated the people and updated them about the doses they received or a placebo. The main problem is that the Ministry of Health, which is responsible for all bureaucracy, as the volunteers claim, does not act transparently and leaves them where they fall between the chairs to the point of damaging the fabric of life. “There is an important mission of the institute here and volunteering is where Israel will have an independent vaccine without being dependent on any country in the world. It is important. But the fact that I do not know what will happen to my green mark, do not know if I need a booster is a scandal “.

The doctors who are conducting the Israeli vaccine trial on the ground fully support the volunteers’ claims. A source we spoke to said “there is not a day that we do not raise the issue, flood it and ask what is happening and why it is not being addressed. There are people here who have volunteered and they are right in all their claims, that is also what I told them ‘you are right’ and maybe what will help is .

The Ministry of Health’s response has not yet been received

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