A pelvic floor specialist reveals why it is forbidden to pee in the shower – and not just because it is disgusting. Dr. Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas turned to Tiktok to ask women to stop the controversial habit of urinating in the shower, arguing that it could have “serious consequences” in the future – even in the near future. Finally to the same constant urge to run to the bathroom.

According to Dr. Jeffrey-Thomas, urinating in the shower is a bad habit for the pelvic floor. She explained to BuzzFeed: The urine inside and when to release. We want to avoid training our bladder to link certain unwanted signals to the urge to urinate. In this case, the changing foot in the shower links the sound of running water to urination. “It can often make you feel the need to urinate when you hear running water (like when you turn on the tap to wash your hands or dishes) or when you are near water reservoirs.”

Dr. Jeffrey-Thomas noted other bad habits that can be harmful to the pelvic floor, such as pushing to release urine or feces, sitting in the air over the toilet and performing pelvic floor exercises without consulting a fitness expert / trainer. She also talked about our habit of “peeing anyway” “When we leave the house. She claims it’s a mistake to pee every time we leave the house or a place of entertainment just in case we have it on the road again, but said there are exceptional cases. She said: ‘It’s okay to’ pee just in case ‘when it comes to bedtime, Before and after sex or before a long drive in a car, of an hour or more. “She added in her ticking video:” The correct frequency to go to the bathroom is every 4-3 hours, a minimum of two hours and without getting up at night. “


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Other experts have previously warned against the “urinate just in case” habit. Prof. Stargios Domochatis, a leading expert in urogynecology, told The Sun: “On a circumstantial basis it is okay to do it. If it is done infrequently it will not do any harm. However, it may start to affect the bladder if you do “Regularly. For example, if you are a teacher in a school and you go to the bathroom between lessons just so you do not have to during the lesson – it can cause a change in your bladder function.”

He added: “Basically you make your bladder more sensitive. The bladder learns to give you signals that it is ‘full’ when in fact it is not, when it is in lower volumes. The purpose of the bladder as a urinary retention may be harmed. “Lower than desired. The bladder will not necessarily be smaller anatomically, but functionally it will definitely be smaller. The bladder becomes more sensitive quite quickly, it can take even two weeks.”

The good news is that there are various techniques for training the bladder that will repair the damage done in just a few weeks, with the main thing – apart from changing the habits we mentioned – is to check that you do not drink too much or too little water. Prof. Domochatis recommends 1.5-2 liters of water a day, or about 3 liters if it is a particularly hot day or the day you did a workout.

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