Since the outbreak of the plague until today (Wednesday), more than one million Israelis who have contracted coronary heart disease have been registered in Israel (excluding 1,977 new verified patients during the night). The operation of the third dose of corona vaccines is in progress, and so far about 1,635,520 people aged 30 and over have been vaccinated. But this option is not open to everyone.

Gadi and Lillian (pseudonyms) were infected in Corona several months ago. Now, they are interested in getting the third vaccine dose, but in practice the possibility of getting vaccinated is open these days, only for those aged 30 and over who have not yet contracted the virus in the past.

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Slow but safe protection over time

Prof. Cyril Cohen, head of the Immunotherapy Laboratory at Bar Ilan University and a member of the Advisory Committee for Clinical Trials on Corona Vaccines, estimates that this is due to the fact that the level of protection of recovering patients is still probably high.

“Today we can say with certainty that the immune system of recovering patients is a long-term protection. Unlike vaccinated people who receive a sharp increase in the level of antibodies immediately after receiving the vaccine and then their slow decline; recoverers develop protection more slowly, but this can take longer. At the moment, it is their degree of resilience to the Delta strain, and unfortunately this figure has not yet been clarified. “

Another reason for this, according to Prof. Cohen, stems from the fact that it is still not clear what the effect of the third vaccine is on the recovering audience. “Today we can say that the third vaccine reduces the chances of infection among those who have not yet contracted it about 6 times, as well as the chance of suffering from a serious illness.

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Prof. Ran Blitzer, head of the innovation department at Clalit and head of the national expert cabinet for Corona, reinforces this: “At the moment, there seems to be a high level of protection among recovering people, without evidence of significant decline. The need according to the data. In the end, the decision is always up to the director general of the Ministry of Health. “

The resistance of recoverers to the delta strain is not yet clear | Photo: Oliver Fitoussi, Flash 90

Naturally vaccinated

“A few studies on the subject have shown that unvaccinated recoverers are 2.34 percent more likely to be re-infected than vaccinated recoverers,” notes immunologist Dr. Ditza Levin and a member of the Mada’at Association. And they can block the virus. “

Dr. Levin estimates that the reason recoverers are not yet eligible to receive the third vaccine is because they have actually been vaccinated 3 times – once naturally and twice more through the vaccine – assuming they have been vaccinated. Because their level of protection decreases, they will also be able to get vaccinated in the third dose.

“It should be remembered that we are in the midst of an epidemic and it is necessary to manage the state of national immunity according to the order of priority. Naturally, it is likely that those who are already well protected will not be given priority for a third vaccine. “It will also be possible to vaccinate this population.”

Serological examination for the vaccinated

So at the moment recoverers can not get vaccinated, so why is there actually no recommendation to perform serological tests among recoverers? Well, according to Dr. Arnon Shachar, the medical director of the corona system at Maccabi Health Services and a member of the epidemic treatment team and the advisory committee to the Ministry of Health, there is no reason for such a directive. Moreover, even those in whose body antibodies have been detected, can not deduce from this what their level of protection is. Such a figure in total indicates that the subject was exposed to the virus – by vaccine or naturally. Since unequivocal conclusions can be drawn from this, there is no sweeping recommendation to perform the tests. “Especially in light of the fact that they are being conducted in parallel with additional tests that make it possible to complete the overall picture regarding the degree of general immunity in the population.”

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