Study: Obese women more likely to develop uterine cancer

A recent study revealed that in the long term, obesity causes a woman’s risk of developing endometrial cancer, as obesity is linked to many types of cancer.

“This study is an interesting first step in how genetic analyzes can be used to reveal exactly how obesity causes cancer, and what can be done to treat it,” said lead study author Emma Hazlewood, from the University of Bristol in England.

“The links between obesity and uterine cancer are well known, but this is one of the largest studies that has looked at exactly why this is at a molecular level,” she continued.

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“We look forward to further research to explore how we can now use this information to help reduce cancer risk in people who are obese,” Hazelwood added in a Cancer Research UK press release.

The researchers analyzed genetic samples from about 120,000 women in the United States, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom, including about 13,000 with endometrial cancer. For every 5 additional BMI units, there was an 88% increased risk of endometrial cancer. .

The study authors noted that endometrial cancer is one of the cancers most closely associated with obesity and is the most common gynecological cancer in high-income countries.

Dr Julie Sharp, Head of Health Information at Cancer Research UK, said: ‘This will play a pivotal role in revealing how cancer is prevented and treated in the future.

“More research is needed to investigate therapies and drugs that can be used to manage cancer risk among people who are obese,” Sharpe added.

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