Minister of Finance, Avigdor Lieberman, Instruct the Accountant General, Yahli Rotenberg, To transfer to the public hospitals an advance in the amount of more than NIS 100 million immediately at the expense of the aid money promised to them to deal with the corona crisis, despite the fact that the support tests have not been completed.

The advance is transferred to a meeting held yesterday between the director general of the Ministry of Finance, Ram Blinkov, To the Minister of Health Using Horowitz And the CEO of his office, Prof. Nachman Ash, And as part of the full budget allocation, as promised, to the health system for the issue. The rest of the funds will be transferred upon completion of the support tests and as part of the progress of the schedules.

Horowitz wrote on his Twitter account in response to the conclusion that “as I promised, we have reached a solution to the distress of the independent hospitals. The Treasury is moving an advance of 110 million shekels. They will see it tomorrow. In the coming weeks more large sums will be transferred “The sanctions and prevent harm to patients. I am committed to strengthening the hospitals.”

The Ministry of Finance stated that “this transfer will allow the public hospitals to return to routine and normal activities and focus their efforts in dealing with the corona crisis.“

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From the directors of public hospitals Despite this, emergency work will continue indefinitely until full agreements are reached: “The Ministry of Finance’s salami method aims to starve hospitals.“

“The cooperation of the Ministry of Health with the drip and starvation method – shameful and disgraceful to the health system at the height of the Corona crisis. “Without a defined and clear budget, it is impossible to purchase equipment, recruit doctors and nurses, or run a hospital,” they added.

CEO of Shaare Zedek, Ofer Miriam“We have received a message from the Ministry of Health and Finance. Unfortunately the rabbi must say that for months we have been asking for two words to keep the agreement. This is a very partial advance that will not allow us to go through the holidays and the coming month. It does not exist. We will exist and we will finally be able to return to work in full. “

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