Shai Proika in an exciting column on dealing with cancer

Ten months ago there was a time when I felt tired, sweated at night and did not feel well. “Probably because of the nightlife, the stress at work, the alcohol and the fast pace of life I live in,” I told myself. To be on the safe side I went and did tests, nothing was discovered and they sent me to my house. The night sweats continued, with each passing night the condition worsened and the sweats became extreme, within two months I lost 10 kilos of my weight and my general condition was poor and powerless.


One day I felt a sharp stab in my head, I felt like lightning struck me again and again and I began to see fragments of light and strong “sparks” flickering in my eyes. “Sort” I said to myself and flew from the door straight to Ichilov. Within two hours and after quite a few tests I find myself hospitalized in the third ward, blood is drawn from me and several tests are performed, after which I was referred for a CT scan of the whole body. I remember how alone I felt and how cold I was on this bed.

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Little wishes as prayers passed through my heart and flooded me, promises between me and God, a human moment of man in front of the Creator of the world. I’m done testing – now the game of patience .. you suffer until they tell you what’s going on. I also managed to yell at a nurse or two, unintentionally, I got it.

The results have arrived. On the Citi test they saw some big boils in the body in all sorts of places, I already thought I might have finished with the tests and that it was fat bubbles or cysts but of course I was wrong. From there I am in an emergency biopsy. I started running all the commercials from the National Cancer Society, I stopped myself from thinking too much so I would not go crazy. Whatever the outcome, I will deal with everything!

The results of the biopsy indicated a cancerous tumor, called “Hodgkin’s lymphoma”, which is expressed in several tumors in the lymph nodes, in the neck stations on both sides, in the armpit, in the thoracic key. I had a lump 15 cm wide in the chest, 12 cm deep and 17 cm long. I asked myself: how was the 17cm Jola breast key and I did not feel it?

All the most horrible thoughts a person could imagine went through my head, my head started to ache and I felt my heartbeat on both sides of my temples in my head. My brain exploded, the thought of hospitalization and hospitals was inconceivable to me. At the same time, I also had fears and anxieties on a social level, how my friends would accept it, there is no way I will be the poor guy with the video – no way.

No matter what your character, when you are notified that you have cancer, you feel like a mountain has fallen on you

After an in-depth investigation and meeting with a specialist I was explained that my type of cancer is the “good type” (yes, that’s exactly what I was told, the good type – I did not know whether to laugh or cry) and that my particular type can be treated and recovery rates are close to 90% – given Encouraging and strengthening.

I felt my prayers answered, it will sound funny to you that I say this but I will not forget the feeling I had throughout the process of testing and praying that I carried to heaven. I believe that our heavenly Father heard me and decided to give me an easier test and correction in life, I could have come out much worse in every way.

The doctor comes in and says – “In a week chemotherapy will start”. He says this with a smiling face as if he is coming and offers me ice cream, and I generally imagine him with the robe of the angel of death trying to push me tropically into a vein and see me slowly becoming the bald creature from the Lord of the Rings.

Well, it’s half a year, it’s small for me, I can handle everything, I said to myself again and realized I was facing a difficult path that I had to go through. One of the decisions I made was to keep everything quiet so they would not know. After all, this city swallows weakness, and gossip here ran faster than horses in a race. At first I was successful, people did not absorb anything, only my close friends felt and of course I told them about my situation, they were very supportive of me, and as promised stood by my side when I needed to.

Thanks to all the people who supported | Photo: Private

Darkens the Light – the Getz and the Miracle

About a month ago I asked the doctor about the “sparks I got” that’s what I called it, at what stage do you get such a “spark”? He replied that there is no connection between the lights I saw and what I have and if I came for tests because of the light fragments then I am very lucky.

I fell silent, amazed, the scary event I actually experienced was an event that saved my life. God Almighty how complex life is and how simple things can mislead us in their meaning. From the age of 13 I get closer and closer in my faith and connect to the spiritual side within me. Right now, more than ever, I feel even more connected and balanced. From that crazy day, my life is improving. I am no longer as stressed as I used to be, no smoking and barely drinking, I enjoy other things in life. Enjoys life itself, enjoys breathing air.


Today I just finished my 12th treatment, which means half a full year of radiation. I feel my body begin an activity of cleansing from the chemotherapy, from the radiation, from this cancer that landed on me in mid-life.

I want to tell anyone who knows a person or patient himself in this terrible disease that afflicts without difference, that the most important thing is to keep the spirit. The mind is what manages to defeat the disease, all the other radiation medications and treatments are just the accompaniment of the inner process that the person has to go through with himself.

Thank God and thank you to all the people who have supported and supported me, to everyone who heard rumors but did not bother me and asked me questions and respected my desire for privacy. Everyone who allowed me to recover, Amen and you will all be healthy.

I took this obstacle in my life and leveraged it to a fresh, fresh start, one of the beautiful things about life is the ability to start over. I can totally say I beat cancer.

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