The actor Mark Wahlberg went through quite a few upheavals in his personal and professional life, his parents’ divorce when he was 11 years old led him to face difficult challenges, and he found himself on the streets, in trouble with the law and using drugs. But you know what? Precisely his difficult childhood is the reason to appreciate the place he reached, because taking yourself in your hands and making a 180 degree change is something that depends only on you, and Mark Wahlberg is the proof that once you decide you can touch the stars.

Get up last night: 2:30 wake up

Mark Wahlberg has been training religiously for years to build a body but just as important is character, and he absolutely does not intend to give up what he has achieved even today, raising four children. In his recent interviews, he shares that one of the things he realized is that he just needs to get up early in the morning to get more done. Wahlberg wakes up at 2:30 in the morning, and at 4:00 he is already at the peak of his training. In his post on Instagram Wahlberg writes “Listen, when there’s a will – there’s a way”, and between us, it’s impossible to achieve such results without following the path. According to Wahlberg, it’s the four in the morning workouts that help him build his famous body, and he himself testifies that routine is the key.

Getting up early does not mean not sleeping

In one of Wahlberg’s interviews for the magazine MENS HEALTH He says, “The big secret, friends, is to just go to bed early,” and he’s right. It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of maintaining sufficient hours of sleep, and every few months we are exposed to a new study that confirms the issue. Sleep is considered a cornerstone in every physiological process in the human body, lack of sleep will lead to a slow restoration of the tissues, damage to sports performance and injuries, and of course directly affects the result. Moreover, a meta-analysis of studies over 50 years shows that there is a direct relationship between the quality and quantity of sleep and our mood.

After training, Wahlberg continues to his morning prayer and after all that he is already ready at 7:00 for what he calls “the morning process”, which includes preparing the children, breakfast and transportation to the facilities. From there he continues to a busy schedule that includes a game of golf for the soul and an activity to restore the muscles that worked hard in the morning and of course his work as an actor.

Go together – you will go far

One of the things Wahlberg testifies to is the understanding that success requires the right envelope. “I worked hard on my body for so many years because that’s what I had to do, both in preparation for the series and in order to feel good, and what helped me succeed was my training community at the club, an organized program and precise energy,” he said.

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