Nile fever in Israel: the number of seriously ill patients is increasing
Nile fever continues to spread in Israel: According to the data of the Ministry of Health, so far 299 confirmed patients have been reported, of which 15 have died. Yesterday (Tuesday), the Rambam Medical Center informed about a man in his 50s and a woman in her 60s who are hospitalized in the hospital’s neurology department, after contracting the virus, which is transmitted by infected mosquitoes. Their condition is defined as severe-moderate and they suffer from various neurological complications related to the virus .According to the information available to the medical team, apparently, the two were stung in the central area in recent days. “Despite the large increase in the number of cases in Israel so far, their mere hospitalization at Rambam does not indicate the presence of infected mosquitoes in the northern region at this stage,” explains Dr. Michal Paul, director of the Institute for Infectious Diseases at the hospital.

According to Dr. Shahar Sheli, director of the neurology department at Rambam, despite the condition of the patients, there is optimism: “The two are receiving supportive care and are under strict medical supervision. Unfortunately, once people contract the disease, there is not much we can do, but we hope that their condition will improve early”.

More ventilated, more seriously ill

In the meantime, the number of critically ill patients is also increasing in other hospitals throughout the country. In Sheba, 19 people aged 60-90 are hospitalized, three of them are breathing and in serious condition. In Meir – 23 patients, of which three are ventilated. 21 are hospitalized in Ichilov – eight of them are in serious condition; In Bilinson – six are hospitalized, two of them in serious condition. Most of the hospitalized are adults aged 75 and over.

The Nile fever virus, which broke out this summer in Israel as revealed in Mako about a month ago, may be fatal. Dr. Yevgeni Katzman, an expert in internal medicine and infectious diseases at the infectious diseases unit in Ichilov, explains that for the older public this is a real danger, because the virus can cause more significant damage. “In most cases, patients report relatively mild symptoms such as fever or headaches, but After a few days, if the disease worsens, it may lead to confusion, neurological symptoms and cognitive impairment that is manifested, for example, in confusion or the ability to understand.”

Prof. Cyril Cohen, head of the immunotherapy laboratory, reassures a little and explains that “despite the fact that many are now hospitalized due to the virus, and despite the fact that this is an unusual outbreak that began earlier than expected this year, it is important to clarify that the virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and not by humans. Therefore, at this stage There is no fear that the infection will spread to an epidemic. However, it is still important to be careful as possible against bites. This recommendation is especially valid for adults and those with a weakened immune system.”

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