10-year-old boy, high fever for many days, blood infection, critical multiple organ failure, had to undergo dialysis continuously for three days.

The family said the child was taken to the emergency room at Bac Ha International General Hospital. There, the child had a fever of over 39.5 degrees Celsius, continued to vomit and had loose stools, on average every 30 minutes. The team administered IV fluids and antibiotics but the condition did not improve, so they transferred him to Duc Giang General Hospital.

On July 9, Dr. Hoang Van Ket, Head of the Intensive Care Unit, said that the child had respiratory failure, circulatory failure, and was intubated and put on a ventilator, with a central venous catheter placed, and vasopressors combined with antibiotics as soon as possible. After 3 hours of treatment, the child’s prognosis was still very serious.

After consultation, the doctor diagnosed the child with septic shock of unknown cause and prescribed continuous blood filtration for advanced treatment. This was the first case of blood filtration for a child at the hospital. The entire team took turns being on duty 24/7 to promptly handle complications.

During 8 hours of dialysis, the child’s condition improved and the dose of vasopressors was reduced. After 3 days, the patient’s fever subsided, dialysis was stopped, the endotracheal tube was removed, and he was breathing on his own. The child has now been discharged from the hospital after two weeks of treatment.

Continuous blood filtration is a modern treatment method in emergency resuscitation, saving the lives of many seriously ill patients, especially those with septic shock and multiple organ failure. The sooner a patient receives blood filtration, the higher the survival rate. Statistics show that continuous blood filtration helps save 20-50% of severe cases, reducing the time on ventilators and hospital stays.

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