The story of “Lightning Orthopedics” began about 4 decades ago. Barak Yehoshua, a certified orthopedic technician who acquired all the traditional knowledge and treatment methods in the field of orthopedics, started a small business, which developed over the years, much thanks to the warm and personal attitude, but mainly due to pioneering, flying and the desire to find advanced medical solutions.

Throughout his years of activity he has identified various recurring foot problems, and has sought advanced solutions and innovative ways for orthopedic problems and ongoing sports injuries to offer a cure for the pain his patients suffer from.

Persistence and professionalism led him to develop 5 unique patents, which have been researched by the scientific community in various hospitals across the country, presented amazing results and were even presented at international orthopedic conferences.

The solution to wounds as a result of diabetic spy
One of the most difficult problems to treat in the orthopedic field is a diabetic foot wound. These patients suffer from wounds that can worsen (to the point of hospitalization and resection) and in most cases are very difficult to treat.

  • What is behind the small device that has revolutionized the field of pain?

A unique insole developed by Yehoshua Barak eliminates the mechanical forces that act on the foot while standing, walking or any activity that puts pressure on the wound, thus enabling fast and quality healing. The use of an insole has been shown to be effective in preventing the formation of wounds in diabetic foot and as an aid in the complete healing of existing wounds. This method has even been researched in hospitals and approved as an patent.

The end of a recurrent wart
One of the most common problems patients with Barak Orthopedics come with is warts on their feet. Although there are many treatments at a pedicurist or dermatologist, the real problem that patients face is wart recurrence, as they continue to tread on the problematic spot.

Based on the principle of canceling the mechanical forces, Joshua developed an insole that prevents re.stimulation of the wart area and in fact the entire wart area in the air and thus prevents its reappearance. Which allows relief from the first steps and prevention of recurrence of the wart in the future. These findings are backed by medical studies conducted at leading medical institutions in the country.

Healing a spur and preventing it from appearing in the early stages of inflammation
A spur is among the most common foot problems. In the absence of treatment or incorrect treatment the inflammation may worsen and the healing may take a very long time. The problem is, the irritation of the spot (stepping on the heel and stretching the strap) continues the problem and prevents the healing and therefore not always able to offer a proper solution.

Studies have found that eliminating foot tracking loads and keeping the heel in the air with the help of the patent of “Lightning Orthopedics” make it possible to completely neutralize the stimulus that causes the formation of inflammation and the spur, thus helping to reduce inflammation and cure the spur. Relief from the first step. This method has also been researched in hospitals and approved as an patent.

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Repair and alignment of the ankle collapse – platform
Flatfoot / ankle collapse is one of the common problems in the feet. In severe cases a complete collapse of the arch can be seen, which can cause severe pain and secondary orthopedic problems. By developing a unique insole it is possible to support the arch of the foot, eliminate the loads that the foot absorbs and contribute to both the disappearance of pain and better posture and prevention of aggravation of the problem in the future.

The expansion of the business was on the agenda, and then a new patent was born
Barak Yehoshua aspired to harness his son to expand the business and open another branch, but as befits the entrepreneur and visionary, another idea came to his mind – eliminating the need to physically arrive at the clinic, waiting a long time to prepare the insole and another visit to get the solution. Need customization, according to its unique methods. And the first product for solving heel / spur pain.

The insole, known as the “Heel.Free” has a unique structure that does not require the following customization in order to treat heel / spur pain. With the help of the unique insole, the entire heel area is completely in the air, which allows for a operation and acceleration of the healing process. The product has already been sold through a dedicated sales website, where the order is made according to the size of the shoes only. After placing the order, the product is received by courier to the customer’s home, so there is no need to travel to receive the proposed solution.

The procedure for diagnosing and treating lightning orthopedics
“Lightning Orthopedics” have developed a solution for every problem. Each patient is diagnosed by Barak Yehoshua himself, who examines the structure of the foot and takes care to explain to each patient how and why the problem arose and what solution will work best for him.

After a detailed explanation, that the customer understands what he needs to do he experiences an insole of the type designed for him according to the size of his shoes. Barak did it early and prepared at his clinic an existing example for each type of insole that the client can experiment with instead of a solution. After experiencing and understanding the logic behind the solution, individual measurements are taken with the help of a plaster cast of the patient’s feet and a phase of insole development and preparation begins in Barak’s laboratory.

This is perhaps Barak Orthopedics’ most unique service, which sets them apart from the many competitors in the insole market. The possibility of measuring the insole, and only then deciding whether to purchase it, gives patients great confidence, but proves above all that the benefit that the patient receives from the insole starts from the first step.

Barak Orthopedics gives full responsibility for the insoles it produces to its patients. After an accurate diagnosis of Barak and an understanding of the problem, Barak undertakes to solve the problem and not a full refund for the customer.

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