Horowitz on the recall of Strauss products: “An example of why regulation is needed”

Fear of salmonella outbreak: Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz today (Tuesday) referred in a statement to the media to recall the products of the Strauss-Elite company, due to the presence of salmonella bacteria in the factory. “The chocolate factory will not return to activity until we make sure there is no danger to the public,” he noted.

Horowitz stressed that the incident will be fully investigated, and that the firm’s director general, Prof. Nachman Ash Has already opened a comprehensive investigation. “This is a good example of why regulation is needed and why the state needs to monitor, especially in the face of powerful corporations. Because if we do not save – there will be a jungle,” the minister said.

Senior Ministry of Health statement in media (Photo: Avshalom Sasson)

“Therefore, in the field of food as well, the Ministry of Health is vigilant and we make sure every day that everything that Israeli residents eat and drink is safe, and meets the highest health standard,” he added.

According to him, the plant in question will be thoroughly inspected and we will carry out strict inspections. “There will be no compromises in this matter. I will make sure that close supervision continues and we will take all necessary measures to maintain health, so that anyone who does not meet our health standard will not market products in Israel.”

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