Beware.. hypotension leads to death

There are a lot of reasons why a sudden drop in blood pressure is dangerous, said Russian doctor Zaur Shugoshev, chief cardiologist at RZD-Medicine, and what tonometer readings you need to call an ambulance.

Shugoshev noted that it is generally accepted that the average blood pressure is 120/80, but in fact the limits of normal pressure are wider. According to him, the minimum normal pressure is 90/60, and the upper limit is 140/90.

Shugoshev added that the sudden drop in pressure is also fraught with serious risks, as it causes an imbalance in the blood flow to the internal organs and thus causes irreversible damage.

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He continued, “Pressure less than 90/60 is dangerous because in such a situation, blood flow to some organs and tissues is disrupted, and with a sudden drop in pressure from the normal range, the body suffers from malnutrition, first of all, the brain suffers, due to As a result, a person may faint, and then there is a defect in the work of the heart, kidneys and liver.”

The doctor added that if you feel weakness, dizziness and poor coordination of movements, it is necessary to measure the pressure, and if the tonometer readings are less than 85/60, you need to call an ambulance: there are diseases that develop rapidly against the background of low blood pressure.

Shugoshev emphasized that when the pressure is below 85/60, everything develops very quickly, and if you do not call an ambulance in time, this situation may end in death, it all depends on the initial cause that caused the pressure drop.

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