After the recall: This is how to make healthy homemade ice cream or popsicle with ease

Following the instruction to remove Strauss’ ice creams from the refrigerators, Dr. Reli Abel, a senior dietitian at Clalit Health Services, provides recommendations on how to make ice cream or a healthy homemade ice cream with the children. “Homemade ice cream is the healthiest and most recommended ice cream, It’s complex, “Abel noted, detailing some options for making healthy ice cream.

Fruit ice cream of the season: It is possible to combine the seasonal fruits crushed in a blender with the addition of almond bulk, and thus it has both healthy vegetable fat and calcium and iron.

Milk and cocoa based ice cream: At the same time, you can make ice cream consisting of milk with cocoa or melted chocolate, cheese or yogurt and some sesame or melted sugar – thus also getting the addition of calcium and protein. The ice cream can be used here as a meal on its own instead of dinner, however it is recommended to consume it only once to twice a week and no more.

Home natural popsicles: It is possible to take natural carrot juice with some sugar and lemon, natural apple juice or any fruit juice, even a mixture of fruits, and freeze in glasses with a stick. This way you get a popsicle that both contains healthy nutritional values ​​and is also reduced in calories.

Vegan ice cream: Another natural and healthy option is to buy tofu ice cream in health food stores. Tofu contains high amounts of iron and calcium, and most of these ice creams do not contain preservatives and food coloring.

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