7 methods to achieve glowing facial skin
From facial yoga and massage using gouache stone to sports activities: there are quite a few methods to achieve glowing, taut and flushed skin that do not cost much money but require commitment and consistency. Will you meet the task?
Sharon Janowski Kaplan

Admit that you are tired of the golden creams that ensure taut and wrinkle-free skin, which cost like an electricity bill in the middle of summer, and in practice – wrinkles, blemishes and grayness are determined to stay despite the luxurious cream we have invested our lives in. Just before you proceed to purchase another one for the price of rent or rush to the injecting doctor and the vacuum cleaner, get all-natural methods for taut skin, which while requiring perseverance, will not cause a hole in the pocket.

  1. Yoga Pace

    A natural method of firming the face with the help of exercises designed for the face, which must be done gradually and steadily in order to see results. So while you will not meet the dog here looking up and down as there is in regular yoga classes, and the source of yoga for the face is in Japan and not India, but through dedicated face exercises, you can stimulate dormant muscles in the face and bring youth back to the face. When we do the same expression over and over again, the muscles in the area become more tense and as a result a wrinkle is created, through the Yoga Pace method we develop awareness of our expressions, and can also save and prevent the following wrinkles. The downside: it takes time to see results, although some argue that after two weeks of perseverance you can see buds of rejuvenation, and the benefit – you may be able to give up Botox.

  2. Aerobic exercise

    Beyond the fact that aerobic activity helps us feel better, it strengthens the immune system, heart, lungs and skeleton, aerobic activity helps good blood flow to the whole body and especially to the facial skin. Did you get to see your face after an aerobic workout? Isn’t it red? It is a blood flow that is beneficial for your skin to regenerate and look its best. Want to look wow before an event and get a lot of compliments? Go for a half hour run and see how many ‘wow’ you get.

  3. Massage for facial skin

    As we age we lose the elasticity of the skin and our muscles in the face weaken and this is what we see as sagging and tired skin. So again perseverance and willpower are required here, but hey, at least it’s pleasant. It only takes a few minutes, and all you need to do is pamper yourself. The massage can be done with almond oil designed for the face, grape oil, olive oil or with your face cream. Massage the face in upward rather than downward motions.

  4. Facial massage with gouache stone

    This is basically a face training or advanced facial massage, when all you need is to get a roller with the stone in question, which is basically a natural crystalline stone that helps firm the skin and cleanse toxins. The stone, which originates in China also smooths wrinkles, stimulates the blood and encourages collagen and elastin and all you need is to pass it on your face.


  5. Deep breaths

    Did you know that when we do not breathe well, we breathe short and shallow breaths – less blood reaches your facial skin as well? Deep daily breaths of a few minutes in the evening and a few minutes in the evening, will help oxygen reach the whole body, and blood to flow better. When there is good blood flow, it is also noticeable on your skin.

  6. Stop smoking

    Smoking is detrimental to health, everyone knows it, but beyond that, it is very detrimental to your facial skin and this is evident through stains, wrinkles and decades that smoking adds to your overall look. Smoking causes cell damage and premature bearded appearance. is not that a loss? So there’s a really good reason to put the cigarettes aside. Stop smoking and go back in time.

    * Sharon Janowski Kaplan is a naturopath and fitness trainer

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