International study states: Cigarette substitutes reduce exposure to chemicals associated with cancer and heart disease

A new international study examines the consequences and risks of cigarette substitute smokers compared to cigarette smokers. The study, led by a team of renowned researchers, included a review of 11 studies, which examined 2,600 subjects. The power of the study also lies in the fact that it is not funded by any commercial body, and it has been carried out with the assistance of scientific research councils in the UK and other public bodies. Published on the research platform “Cochrane Library”.

The main finding of the study is that people who switched from cigarettes to heated tobacco had lower levels of exposure to harmful chemicals than those who continued to smoke. The lower exposure refers, among other things, to a number of harmful substances associated with cancer, heart disease and respiratory problems. The researchers’ argument is that switching to cigarette substitutes may reduce the chances of developing these diseases. The explanation on which they are based is that most of the damage from regular cigarettes, leading to the death of half of the smokers, was caused by inhaling toxic chemicals created by burning tobacco.

Because cigarette substitutes are based on tobacco heating, not tobacco burning, the risks of using them are reduced. Therefore, the researchers argue, tobacco heating products can promote public health, as they reduce harm and help smokers quit smoking regular cigarettes, without attracting people who have not smoked at all so far.

At the same time, the researchers add a reservation that more research is needed to strengthen the certainty, because it takes time for people to develop tobacco-related diseases. The researchers also note that cigarette substitute smokers found higher levels of toxins than those who stopped using tobacco altogether.

The study also confirms the risks in smoking regular cigarettes, a risk that results from inhaling toxic chemicals produced by burning tobacco. Therefore, the study argues, because heated tobacco products do not involve tobacco burning, the risk there is lower. Some of the studies reviewed suggest that heated tobacco products may replace rather than supplement cigarettes and be an alternative to quitting regular cigarettes.

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