The crisis in public hospitals is exacerbating: “Do not want to aggravate the strike”

The crisis in hospitals: Following the strike of medical staff in public hospitals that began today (Sunday), Prof. Yoram Weiss, CEO of Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, spoke with Erel Segal and David Wertheim on their program on 103FM and warned against exacerbating the crisis: “I beg and ask that we not To aggravate the strike, we have patients we need to treat. ”

“Unfortunately, intentions cannot solve hospital problems,” Weiss said in his opening remarks. “Practical steps are needed so that the hospitals can function, both in the short and long term. There is a significant problem here that the State of Israel must solve once and for all. We demanded this from the previous Israeli government six months ago in January-February. An agreement was signed with us. Not yet. ”

“Some of the people in the current government interpret the agreement differently from what it interpreted by the previous government, so there are delays in the transfer of funds,” he added. In an unequal way, but in a reasonable way, so that the medicine in Jerusalem, Nazareth, Netanya and Bnei Brak will be exactly the same level of medicine as it is given in other places in the country, where there are government hospitals or HMO hospitals. ”

“There is a state law in the country that stipulates that all citizens of Israel deserve to receive a level of health and health services,” he explained. “Smaller and weaker. The second thing, at the end of the year, for the government hospitals, the state covers the loss caused to them because of these assumptions. The public hospitals say, ‘You will find the sources of funding to fill the gap.'”

“Not only are government hospitals getting repayments at the end of the year on loans they have given, in addition to that, they are getting additional indirect supports. We are not asking for them,” Weiss added. “We want the refund of the discounts that is forced on us and causes us a loss, we can get from the Israeli government and not ask our donors. Our donors happily help us, but their goal is to develop the hospital and maintain the hospital infrastructure. The State of Israel has hardly invested in medical infrastructure. Hadassah women “We have donated billions of shekels to develop medical infrastructure, and we are doing it to this day.”

“Both the State Comptroller and the Accountant General of the Ministry of Health have found that we are significantly more efficient (than private hospitals,” Weiss said. Ours is a correct model for the operation of hospitals, because it has proven itself. With relatively little assistance, it is possible to continue to maintain the same level of medicine that exists today in Jerusalem and elsewhere in the country. Today, thanks to our efforts and that of our donors, we receive excellent medical services. ”

“I’m a doctor, and 8 years ago if you were to tell me I would be in this place, I would tell you it just did not sound reasonable. I was a clinical doctor, I was in intensive care, I was in charge of this hospital during the Corona period, and I saw how much our medical staff contributed to treatment. “Patients in the State of Israel,” he said. “4,600 or more Corona patients, including 150 patients, about 40 of them in intensive care, respirators and Acme, at one point seven patients on Acme – treated at the hospital by staff and staff tore themselves to treat these patients, while continuing to operate a home A full and additional whole patient who treated all the other patients of the Jerusalem area. I want to hope that the Israeli government will understand that we are not just an asset in the problem. ”

Weiss concluded: “I beg and ask that we do not have to aggravate, because I do not see myself harming patients. Even now our actions are very measured, and we are doubly careful not to harm patients and I do not see myself harming patients. I very much hope that people who hear us in the Israeli government , The CEOs of the offices, will help us to really solve this problem once and for all. She’s not big. She really is not that big. ”

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