Why do you have to get rid of sugar?
If you know how to eat two chocolate cubes and stop, or cut a slice of cake and settle for it, I take my hat off to you and you may be able to skip this article. But if you, like me, are addicted to the legal drug and can not stop until the last crumb, it’s worth spending a few minutes reading.Today we no longer need a degree in nutrition to know that white sugar is harmful and detrimental to our health. We all know to one degree or another that sugar is nothing less than a poison to us, and quite a few studies point to it as one of the biggest causes of illness, causing a variety of diseases – from obesity, diabetes, infections and even cancer. But while the physical effects of sugar are familiar to all of us, most of us still do not understand its devastating effect on our emotional and mental state.

It is important to understand that sugar not only “inflates” the body, but also the “mirror neurons” responsible for self-perception in our brains, thus “distorting” our perception of reality, our way of looking at life and worst of all: our self-image. When sugar flows in the blood everything seems bigger, more bloated, more severe and more extreme, the perspective changes and with it the loss of proportions. When we are saturated with sugar everything is bubbling and prone to militancy. And unfortunately most of the time we do not even understand why and do not connect it to the white drug flowing in our arteries.

One of the major problems with white sugar is the intensity of its addiction. While we all know to beware of addictive substances like nicotine, heroin, cocaine, caffeine and other dangerous substances with non-alcohol in the end, we do not understand how destructive and addictive the effect of sugar is. The problem with sugar, by the way, is that unlike other drugs, it is completely legal. He lurks for us in every corner, from every shelf and often even hides in places we never imagined finding him.

Processed sugar is completely a subconscious substance, also it is cheap and legal. Only that in contrast to high-quality and healing consciousnesses, the white drug has no contribution and value, nutritional or therapeutic. In fact he is the most harmful and addictive of them all! Sugar used to be expensive and rare, it was difficult to grow in cold Europe, and it was a luxury spice for the rich only. But in the last century sugar has become the drug of the masses. Cheap and addictive food that is everywhere, distributed to the masses and makes it weak and sick.

Most of humanity is addicted to the “white drug” and is thus drawn to the loop that imprisons us in it and perpetuates the cycle of suffering and self-rejection. More than once we stand helpless in front of him, activated from strong inner places and acting like the last of the addicts without the ability to stop.

After a few days of nervous crises, you will feel a huge release | Photo: fizkes, shutterstock

Umina, the priestess of the superfood in Israel, a respected colleague and true friend, explains that sugar produces a consciousness of survival, since it constantly makes us want more, to seek, to focus on the feeling of lack and “nothing” in our lives. Its effect on insulin levels actually affects the extreme fluctuations and changes in moods and if we look at it as a drug then we find that it works exactly the same way: in the first moments we experience a kind of “hi”, but very quickly the “hi” feeling dissolves and drags us down, To the “down” feeling that will take over us. Our body will do anything to regain the same feeling, and our consciousness will tell us that without it everything is meaningless and uninteresting. But that feeling of hi is fake. Unreal, cheap and dangerous manipulation that masks our ability to be in balance. Except for his intoxicating taste that forgets us, even for a brief moment, the painful emptiness, there is nothing in it.

What to do? Exactly what one does in any addictive situation. weaning. We understand that the gate to self-love begins with cleansing toxins that perpetuate our cycle of suffering and survival and so in order to create real change and break free from the destructive effects of sugar, and especially the negativity and low self-esteem it attracts, there is no other way but to give it up completely and unequivocally.

I know it sounds not simple, and may not even make sense for some of you, but after a few challenging days of nervous “crease”, you will feel a huge release. There is no escape from disconnecting, unequivocally and uncompromisingly turning off this neural activity going on in our lives. In other words: there is no bit of sugar, just as there is no bit of cocaine … from the moment of weaning you simply turn off the cell in your mind and no longer approach the white drug in any way!

As with any detox, the first four days are indeed the most challenging. You may experience pain, restlessness, outbursts of anger, irritability or emptiness. But remember, the process is inevitable. On Thursday you will start to feel immense relief, sobriety, like waking up from a long sleep, the nightmare will suddenly end and this is the day you will start to really live.

As a former sugar junkie, I can only share with you the feeling of release that will appear in your life after you are weaned off sugar. You will be freed from the constant search, from the endless preoccupation, from the deliberation of what to eat, and alongside these you will also be freed from enormous amounts of rejection and voices of low self-worth. Along with the pounds dropped as a result of giving up sugar, there will also be pounds of self-hatred, guilt and concealment. The only condition for success: a deep choice and commitment to yourself and your well-being, a real, deep choice, in yourself.

I invite you to join us for sugar rehab!

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Freddie Margalit – a researcher of consciousness, the founder of the concept of “metaism” and heads the “space of consciousness” community.

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