The creative idea of ​​the municipality of Yeruham to reduce the contagion in performances

While many shows around the country find it difficult to meet all the restrictions and circle corners, last weekend there was a performance in a new format that may be a pilot for the rest of the mass shows and events in Israel of the Corona Age.

Last Thursday, the singer Itai Levy performed at the Rishonim Kindergarten in the city of Yeruham in front of 1,000 people, and unlike other performances that are held with only a green note as requested, in the performance in question, strict measures were taken to reduce infection.

At the initiative of the Yeruham Municipality’s Health Department and Levy’s production, the place is divided into two different capsules – one capsule for those with a normal green mark, ie vaccinated or recovering, with orange bracelets, and the other capsule for those with a “strict green mark” – ie for people tested 24 hours a day. Who preceded the show in a compound nearby, or whoever got vaccinated for the third time against the corona a week before the show.


In conversation with – Health says a source close to the details that the show had two different entrances – one entrance for holders of the familiar green badge and another entrance for holders of a “strict green badge” according to the criteria of the health department of the Yeruham municipality. Those with a “strict green mark” were close to the stage in one compound while those with a normal green mark in another compound were a short distance from the stage.

Despite the successful implementation in practice, there is a fundamental problem in maintaining the same model in halls with marked seating.

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