Victory CEO on salmonella crisis: “Strauss cries, consumer should rejoice”

Retail chain CEO Victory Eyal Ravid spoke today (Sunday) with Gideon Oko on the program “Where is the money” on 103FM, in order to analyze the consequences of the Strauss company’s Salmanola crisis. During the conversation, Ravid claimed that “when someone cries, someone laughs. If Strauss cries, then the consumer should be happy. ”

“For the consumer, he will enjoy the discount and new brands he will discover. In the end we will see what comes out of all this, but at the moment I think it is too early to know what all the good that came out of the crisis,” said Victory CEO.

At the beginning of the conversation, he explained that despite Strauss’ audible recall, a variety of other products remained on the shelves, including from the company in question, which do not pose a danger: “The public does not yet understand and the media does not yet understand. So there’s no problem. ”

According to him, the salmonella crisis that was discovered at the Strauss plant in the Galilee landscape, led to a certain amount of panic among the public. “We saw buds of a population that got confused and thought that dairy products also had a problem but very quickly consumers realized that these were X products and not dairy and coffee products. I understand the population and I also expect Strauss to send a report to all consumers what to eat and what to buy.”

Asked if it was legitimate for competing companies to take advantage of Strauss’ crisis, Ravid replied that “it is legitimate. All local importers and manufacturers have been offering deals since Thursday, some today, everyone wants this market share. It is tens if not hundreds of millions a year.”

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