Israel: Three residents of a home for people with disabilities died shortly after

The Ministry of Welfare and Social Security reported tonight (Monday) on an unusual incident in Holon. According to the report, three residents of the Beit Dafna home for people with disabilities, which is operated by the Beit Eckstein network, died within a short time. A team from the Ministry of Health who arrived at the scene discovered defects in the kitchen and opened an investigation. By order of the Ministries of Health and Welfare, the kitchen was closed until the end of the examination.

On the night between Saturday and Sunday, some tenants began to feel unwell and suffered from diarrhea. Following this, the home doctor performed an examination of the residents. The medical staff took indices from one of the residents, with a complex medical background, and shortly afterwards she lost consciousness. An MDA team that was called to the scene, accompanied by the police, tried to perform unsuccessful resuscitation attempts and was pronounced dead.

“Beit Dafna” – a home for people with disabilities (Photo: Avshalom Sasson)

At the same time, two other tenants, also suffering from background illnesses, died at Wolfson Hospital after being evacuated following their condition. The director of the center reported to the supervisor that he had updated the chief physician of the Ministry of Welfare who immediately afterwards reported the incident to the district physician of the Ministry of Health.

Under the guidance of the Director General of the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security, Sigal Moran, a professional staff of the ministry arrived at the ministry to assist the staff in caring for the residents. On the establishment of an examination committee for the conduct of the day care center.

At the same time, the office instructed Beit Eckstein to reinforce the staff of the day care center with additional caregivers, as well as an additional nurse and coordinator on behalf of the caregiver to accompany the families hospitalized at the hospital.

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