` – Bloody Sunday in Ardea, a town of 50,000 people near the coast south of Rome- The balance of what is described by some witnesses as a quarrel for futile reasons is dramatic: 4 deaths, two brothers, David and Daniel aged 8 and 3, an 84-year-old elder who passed on the street on a bicycle, and the author of the triple crime-

At 11 in the morning a 34-year-old – sources report that last year he had been subjected to Tso, compulsory medical treatment – exploded gunshots in via degli Astri, a residential hamlet of Colle Romito, for reasons still to be clarified, target the three- The rescue attempts for the siblings and the elderly were useless, 2 helicopters and 2 ambulances arrived on the spot but the conditions of the wounded immediately appeared desperate-

After the shooting the man barricaded himself in the house, hours of negotiation attempts by a carabinieri mediator and then when the Gis carabinieri broke into the house in mid-afternoon the man – Andrea Pignani – was found lifeless- The military broke in around 16-30, they opened the way by blowing up the door of the house- Investigators report that the man committed suicide with the same gun with which he had killed the children and the elderly-

The crime scene: a residential area with two-storey terraced houses in the upper part of Colle Romito, halfway between Ardea and Lavinio- The president of the consortium of the area, Romano Catini, tells `: “This morning the man and the father of the children were arguing, for futile reasons”-

And again: “Before shooting them this morning, he had already fired shots against another person, but he didn’t hit her-” The man recalls that the 34-year-old, “every now and then he quarreled with the neighbors, he had already given problems, even for nonsense, sometimes he would explode gunshots, but we thought he was a scacciacani”-

Previously, even the mayor of Ardea, Mario Savarese, questioned in the excitement of the first moments after the incident had spoken of “an unstable person who had already shown hostile behavior- It is thought that everything happened for futile reasons”- The 34-year-old seems to have been followed by the ASL Roma 2-

“Daniel and David’s parents are devastated and are demanding maximum confidentiality and respect- This morning the two boys were playing in front of their house- They were approached by the man, one was shot in the chest, the other in the throat- It is- it was like an execution “, says the lawyer Diamante Ceci, defender of Domenico Fusinato, father of the two children killed in Ardea this morning and who is serving a sentence under house arrest-

“This is a tragedy – continues Ceci — A few days ago the murderer threatened his mother with a knife- Last November his father, who held the weapon regularly, died- None of his relatives returned that gun- Today there ‘he found, left the house and killed three people- The third victim was killed with a blow to the head, this is the elderly person who had come to Ardea to spend the weekend “-

The president of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, speaks of “a tragedy that leaves dismay”; the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, of “immense pain”; the Pd candidate for the Capitol, Roberto Gualtieri, thinks of the “torment of the parents” while Carlo Calenda, also a candidate for the Capitol, invites us to reflect on “too many firearms around”-

And the Minister for Regional Affairs Mariastella Gelmini comments: “It is an absurd tragedy, it leaves us breathless”-

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