Shoulder pain that ended in a catheterization: The physiotherapist saved Gabriel’s life

Gabriel Edri (72) arrived at the Maccabi Health Services Physiotherapy Institute in Lod with a complaint of severe shoulder pain. An initial questioning and examination performed by physiotherapist Yael Roth Ayalon raised her suspicion that the pain in the shoulder was only a symptom of a more complex problem. Yael. “But even though all the tests he performed before he came to me were normal, something did not work out for me. My gut feeling and experience have told me to look in other directions that are not necessarily related to the shoulder. ”

“Gabriel told me that the pain intensifies during exertion, such as walking and climbing stairs, and this has already aroused my suspicion,” Yael adds. “I consulted with a nursing center and the director of a nursing clinic in the area and together we decided to call an ambulance to carry out further tests. The ambulance staff, who arrived, also performed initial tests that came out normal. “Before he went home, I told him that I had a feeling that it might be something heartfelt, so he should contact his family doctor the next day for further investigation.”

But this is not the end of the story. After about two weeks, Gabriel arrived at the clinic and told Yael that her suspicions were true. That same night he felt severe chest pains and because he remembered Yael’s diagnosis, he decided to go to the hospital. After a few days he underwent a diagnostic catheterization and the examination revealed blockages in two main arteries and he underwent a complete catheterization and implantation of two stents. According to the doctor who treated him he arrived just in time because otherwise the condition could have worsened to life-threatening.

“The physiotherapist Yael saved my life,” Gabriel now allows himself to smile. “She is the true angel and only thanks to her do I now stand on my feet.”

Dr. Hagai Frenkel, Head of the Jerusalem District and the Humiliation at Maccabi, “The professionalism of the staff at Maccabi and the holistic look that put the member at the center – has proven itself once again. Our friends can be sure they are in good hands. On this occasion I call on everyone to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle and in any case of exceptional pain contact the treating professionals. It may save your life. ”

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