Sweet without a sting – Just before you stock up on honey for the New Year, you should know that there are quite a few counterfeit products on the market. What is the difference between quality honey and fake and how will you distinguish between them? All the signs worth paying attention to

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Rosh Hashanah 5702 in Fatah and the shelves are full of honey products from various manufacturers. Even if the eye does not notice, the market is flooded with counterfeit honey products, which may contain harmful substances and even worms. Importers compete with customers and we may pay the price with products containing sugars Natural bee honey, so you will be able to distinguish between the products.

What is the difference between pure and fake honey?

True pure honey, is honey that is created naturally in a process that begins with collecting the honey from the flower float until it is put into a jar without any change or addition. Fake honey, on the other hand, may contain various substances that aim to give honey a clean look and sweet taste. Sometimes, fake honey will not contain bee honey at all but substances like caramel, sugars and stabilizers.


Crown challah with a jar of honey in the center, Jacobs (Photo: Yael Yitzhaki, PR)
Crown challah with a jar of honey in the center, Jacobs | Photo: Yael Yitzhaki, PR

How do we know to distinguish between pure and fake honey?

  1. Mirror
    Pure honey usually tends to crystallize and harden slightly. If the honey looks liquid, it may be a fake honey that contains water.
  2. texture
    If you see bubbles or foam on the surface of the honey, or it has black spots on it, it may be fake. These signs may indicate spoiled honey, so it is not recommended to consume it anyway.
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  3. packing
    Pay attention to the product packaging. Some of the products will have a mark from the Standards Institute, which indicates that the honey has been tested in the institute’s laboratories and is found to be pure and high quality. Such honey was not only tested but also supervised throughout the production process.
    In addition, also check the label of the components. In non.pure honey, other non.honey ingredients will appear on the label, such as various extracts.
  4. price
    If the price of the jar of honey is significantly lower than the rest of the jars on the shelf, there is a high chance that it is a fake honey.

* The author is a honey expert on behalf of the Standards Institute

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