How is a home corona test performed?

Less than a day before the children return to the education frameworks, and according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, the parents must present a negative test of the children at the entrance to the school tomorrow morning. In recent days, the parents from the various distribution centers have collected home test kits in order to perform the test today (31.8) independently, in order to open the school year tomorrow safely. How are we supposed to perform a home inspection?

Liat Balav, Regional Nursing Director of “Negev Kafri” of the National Health Insurance Fund, was a guest on the program this morning with Paula and Leon and explained the home examination process, step by step.

What is the reliability of the test?

“There are False positives and False Negatives. Once it shows a positive, 99% of the testPCR Then you will come out positive. It is important to emphasize that if this test turns out to be positive, a test must be performed through the Home Front Command or the HMO to verify the result. If the test is negative, it is a bit different between a non-symptomatic symptomatic person. If there are symptoms like runny nose and fever and it comes out negative on examination, there is a 10% error range. If the person is asymptomatic, there is a 30% error range. ”

How is the test performed?

  • It is important to disinfect hands before and after the test and perform the test with a mask.
  • Open the test, take out the pen, hold it at the end, do not touch the top, neither before nor after the test.
  • Insert the stick into both nostrils, ten turns in each nostril.
  • Put the pen into the test tube and turn it inside out.
  • Once you have finished spinning, press the test tube and squeeze out the pen so that all the material we have collected remains inside.
  • Close the test tube and drip four drops into the round well in the test box. “
  • Waiting ten minutes: One line – Negative. Two stripes – Positive.

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