Israel, Ministry of Health: “The conduct of the salmonella crisis in chocolate was normal”

Dr. Sefi Mendelovich, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health, spoke this morning (Tuesday) with Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov on their program on 103FM about the fear of salmonella in chocolate at the Strauss plant, noting the company’s handling of the crisis: “In the raw material it arrived on the 19th of the month and the other indication on the 21st – in the initial stages I think it was too early to say it to the public. We did the right thing.”

In his opening remarks, Mendelovich was asked when the Ministry of Health learned of the problem, to which he replied: “The conduct was normal for us. The initial report from inspections carried out by the plant came on the 19th of the month.

“From the moment they announce on the 19th of the month, there are very clear procedures. The initial tests are with a very high sensitivity threshold. That is, in order not to miss such cases, the ability to detect is also on a chip of a bacterial chip, it raises red flags.”

Over the course of a year, how many such indications do you get at the Ministry of Health?
According to him, throughout the year “there are quite a few such indications, dozens”, but it is still an unusual event: “These things. Sometimes when the patient is very difficult, they give antibiotics and do not wait for the culture, sometimes when the patient is not difficult, they are actually waiting for the culture to return.”

On the claim that the public did not receive this indication in time, he said: “I think in the initial stages, also at 19 and 21, I think it was too early to announce such a thing. We did the right thing, absolutely.”

He explained what the ministry intends to do now regarding the production line. “In these cases, we always conduct an investigation, first of all to check the conduct of the company – as I said, on the face of it, we see no point in defecting here – our conduct, because also every office should check itself and see that it was conducted properly. “The tracks are closed, and here, we also got worse, but the company itself also took over and got worse.”

When asked if it might be an “over-aggravation” he replied: “We did not exaggerate. These are international protocols. All Western countries behave exactly in this way and method. We of course stop for a second, see if there are any indications for products – because as we said, “In the production line, we did not see the products. We are waiting for the same tests, the same cultures. As soon as it seems that this concern has been removed, in coordination with the company, we will release the products.”

Director General of the Ministry of Health: “We did not detect a high increase in salmonella morbidity”

Meanwhile, the director general of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Nachman Ash He was interviewed at the same time as B. and wanted to reassure: “There is an infection in the products, there is an identification of abnormal amounts of salmonella in the factory. We do not know for sure when this infection, but the risk is not high. Not everyone who eats the product will get sick. “I want to reassure and say that the risk is not high.”

He went on to say: “We are checking whether it was right to announce first, after the test we will know how to draw lessons. Overall, a process was conducted that was careful. It may have been necessary to warn first, I can not say for sure. We will check and see.”

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