“When Jordan was 4 years old, she complained that her legs hurt- We took her for a test and from there they quickly sent us for another round of tests,” her parents, Natalie and Yochai Pinchas, say in pain- That day they had already received the bitter news: Jordan has cancer with metastases all over his body- The message fell on the family like thunder on a clear day and life stopped at once- Her parents did not move from Jordan’s bed, and her three brothers were waiting for her at home-

“Jordan has always been at the center of things, with a huge and captivating smile, a sweet girl who loves to dance and paint and helps the kindergarten teacher,” her parents say- The “peppery” girl, sociable and full of the joy of life, managed to create friendships in the children’s ward where she was hospitalized- But today Jordan is lying in a depressed and sore bed, and can no longer carry the hospital- At home, her twin brother cries at night for fear she will die-

Jordan Pinchas (Photo: Noam Hoover)

After eight aggressive rounds of chemotherapy and temporary reduction of metastases – the tumors stopped responding to treatments and returned to spreading- Doctors have informed the family that the last chance to save Jordan is an innovative treatment with proven success with Dr- Brian Kushnir, one of the world’s leading experts in pediatric cancer, from the Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center in New York-

  • Over 200,000 users and without side effects – the device that revolutionized the field of pain

The treatment is considered groundbreaking, and has already been able to cure children suffering from stage 4 of the disease, its terminal stage and its gods- Over the next few months Jordan is expected to undergo surgery, another round of aggressive chemotherapy, biological therapy and experimental vaccines-

Jordan Pinchas before the illness (Photo: courtesy of the family)Jordan Pinchas before the illness (Photo: courtesy of the family)

In order to save Jordan’s life, the family needs money to fund expensive care and also to fund a stay in the US, away from home- “Every parent wants to give his child the best life possible,” Natalie and Yohai say, “we just want to give her life-” –

Jordan’s parents are begging for public help in funding the expensive treatment-

For donations through the Reach Out Association

  • Website: https://donate-lehosheetyad-org/2FZihHEB
  • Bank transfer: Bank Hapoalim Branch 772 Account 471118 for Jordan (for receipt please call: 03-9090882)
  • Donation by check: Reach out for Jordan, Rimon Center, PO Box 80 Elad

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