Hospital protest: The seven directors of the public hospitals held a press conference today (Wednesday) in front of the prime minister’s residence Naftali Bennett In Balfour, and was required to intervene in the crisis. Meanwhile, they have announced that they will suspend their activities and will not treat patients tomorrow morning between the hours of 8: 00.10: 00. This, in protest of the lack of budget.

CEO of Shaare Zedek, Prof. Ofer Marin, We said that: “Our cry has probably not yet reached the right ears. We are here outside the prime minister’s house because he must intervene in this crisis. We will open a tent tomorrow in front of the prime minister’s office and we will sit there until there is a solution. The New Year’s dinner together with our families, until he finds a solution “

General Manager of the English Hospital in Nazareth Prof. Fahad Hakim He added: “Prime Minister Bennett, Finance Minister Lieberman, Health Minister Horowitz, the change government, you have to apologize to my mother. Mother, I’m sorry, I canceled your surgery. Our employees are tired of not getting what they deserve.“

Hadassah CEO Prof. Yoram Weiss: ‘It is sad that we have been a week since the sanctions began, we have canceled thousands of patients in clinics and surgeries, and the Ministries of Finance and Health have not found a way to keep the agreement with us. Tomorrow between eight and ten in the morning the 7 hospitals will stop activity. The clinics will not work, the operating rooms will not work. Only life.saving cases will be accepted. my heart hurts. We hope the solution comes and before Rosh Hashanah. It is not for us, but for the residents of Jerusalem, Nazareth, Netanya and Bnei Brak, it is a war we are fighting for. “

CEO of Niado Nadav Chen He also commented: “Prime Minister Bennett, it’s only in your hands. Two million citizens deserve good service. ‘ Director General of the French Hospital in Nazareth Dr. Nail Elias He added: “Prime Minister, last January you met us, you understood our distress, you promised help, you promised a solution. Intervene so we can return to the hospitals to care for our patients. We want to help you beat the plague and it is possible – you will guarantee us financial certainty. “

Also the CEO of the Springs of Salvation Shlomo Rothschild Responded: “The Prime Minister called this situation a disgrace, now I ask you to put an end to this disgrace.” Ibrahim Harbji He said, “We do not have the budget to care for our patients and patients. It’s a shame. Prime Minister – it’s in your hands. ‘

As you may recall, the public hospitals moved to work in an emergency format due to the inability to treat patients and in light of the non.compliance with the agreement signed by the Ministries of Health and Finance with them and the lack of budget, they claim. A statement from the Minister of Health and MDA stated that “due to the structural deficit imposed on us by the state and due to the non.compliance with the agreement with the public hospitals, the seven hospitals are unable to function fully and provide adequate care to patients. The seven hospitals will switch to a Shabbat format and will only carry out life.saving activities. “

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