Israel | Hope at the end of the tunnel: NIS 85 million has been allocated to the fight against addictions

As part of a national plan to combat addictions, NIS 85 million was allocated in the government decision, which was approved yesterday. Following the decision, the treatment of addicts will be transferred to the health funds, which will provide patients with a more accessible service. NIS 60 million will be allocated for the treatment of substance addictions and NIS 25 million will be transferred for the treatment of gambling.

The treatment of addicts (alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs and gambling) in Israel today includes a large number of possible caregivers. This treatment does not address the entire target population, and the interface between the various caregivers is partial and lacking.

There is also a shortage of manpower in the mental health system in general, and a manpower with dedicated training for the treatment of addictions in particular. The treatment currently provided on behalf of the state is mainly provided to the marginalized population and to a small extent. The Ministry of Health treats about 7,400 people a year and the Ministry of Welfare treats about 20,000 people, while according to various estimates the population of abusers or addicts in Israel ranges from 120,000 people to 615,000.

As part of the decision of the Ministerial Committee on Legislative Affairs in October, which was ratified by a government decision, it was decided to establish an inter-ministerial committee to promote the treatment of addictions and examine the transfer of responsibility to the health funds.

Accordingly, an inter-ministerial committee was appointed to examine and map the population of addicts in need of addiction rehabilitation services. On behalf of the New Hope Party, which pledged before the election to initiate a national plan to combat the phenomenon of addictions, it was stated yesterday in response that “the decision will lead to unprecedented investment in recruitment and effective, accessible and effective response to the phenomenon.

Justice Minister Gideon Saar: “Many Israelis suffer from an addiction that affects their lifestyle and they do not receive treatment. To date, the issue has not been addressed and budgeted properly. The government’s decision will result in an unprecedented investment of NIS 85 million. means.

“With the implementation of the decision, patients will be able to receive treatment in available and closer clinics. I would like to thank Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz for the partnership during.”

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