Dental care for people with disabilities: The unique device that will arrive in Israel

Aleh Association – the national network for the treatment and advancement of people with disabilities, will introduce, for the first time in Israel, a special CT device for dental care for the population with disabilities in Israel. The cost of the device and bringing it to Israel is NIS 1 million, which was raised from donors from Israel and abroad.

According to the Ministry of Welfare, about 10,000 people with disabilities, including children, receive dental care every year by special means and by specially trained staff. To this end, an innovative dental clinic was established on the campus of the Aleh Association in northern Bnei Brak, which addresses the special needs of this population in everything related to dental care.

The complexity of dental care among the population with disabilities intensifies when it is necessary to perform X-rays, which require understanding and cooperation on the part of the patient.. If photography is necessary for treatment, it is done under general anesthesia – an operation that has many risks, easy and material when it comes to people with disabilities, most of whom suffer from epilepsy.

For these reasons many avoid dental treatment for fear of having to undergo general anesthesia for all the risks involved. For this reason, Aleh is currently training a skilled staff, specializing in the care of patients with disabilities, with the Ministry of Welfare undertaking to finance the day-to-day maintenance of the device and to fund staff training and employment.

It is a panoramic device that allows the patient to be photographed lying down, and it will significantly facilitate people confined to a bed or wheelchair. It can also be harnessed to patients, in order to prevent displacement and overcome challenging behavior. The photography on this device lasts a maximum of 12 seconds, and is a groundbreaking device that will respond to about 10,000 patients each year.

According to Yehuda Marmorstein, founder and CEO of the Aleh chain: “The new device will significantly improve the quality of life of thousands of people in Israel.”

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