Israel, May 12: More than 17 thousand infected, about 350 of them in hospitals

On Thursday, May 12, the Israeli Ministry of Health published new data on the coronavirus epidemic.

In total, since the beginning of the pandemic, 4,101,202 cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the country.

The number of infected people is taken into account by PCR tests and tests at checkpoints (a positive home test result is not included in the statistics if it is not confirmed at the checkpoint).

Over the past 24 hours, 62,648 tests have been carried out. Coronavirus was detected in 4% of cases.

At the moment, 17,199 people are infected (-1,167 per day; what explains the sharp decline after several days of an increase in the number of infected, the Ministry of Health does not report).

10749 cases of COVID-19 died (0 per day).

352 cases in hospitals (-42 per day; 2.0% of the current number of infected), others are recovering in specially equipped hotels or at home.

The condition of 110 patients (-3 per day; 0.6% of the current number of infected) is assessed by doctors as severe, 51 (+4) are connected to ventilators or ECMO.

The infectiousness index (an index of the reproduction of the virus, showing how many people, on average, one infected person passes it on) – 0.95 (growing in recent days).

According to a report by the Israeli Ministry of Health, 88% of seriously ill patients are over 60 years old.

Most people over 60 years of age are fully vaccinated, and the percentage of seriously ill among them is much lower than among the unvaccinated. Among citizens in the age group of 60+, there are 15/100 thousand seriously ill and unvaccinated, 4/100 thousand seriously ill and vaccinated for a long time (more than six months), and 5/100 thousand seriously ill and fully vaccinated. At the same time, against the background of high infection rates in absolute numbers, the number of seriously ill among fully vaccinated elderly people is growing: at the moment, among seriously ill patients in the 60+ category, there are 16 unvaccinated, vaccinated long ago (more than six months) – 3, fully vaccinated – 63. In the age categories under 60 years among seriously ill unvaccinated absolute majority.


According to the Israeli Ministry of Health, as of May 12, 6,707,989 people (72% of the country’s population) received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, and 6,137,626 people (66% of the country’s population) received the second dose. 4490266 people were vaccinated with the third dose (48% of the country’s population). The fourth dose was received by 805,592 people (9% of the country’s population).

In recent months, the vaccination process in Israel has been very slow. There is a growing number of people who were vaccinated more than six months ago (that is, they cannot be considered “fully vaccinated”).

You can sign up for the vaccination queue at the health insurance fund: by phone, through the website or mobile application.

There is a program “Vaccination at home”, the purpose of which is to eliminate social injustice in relation to residents of the periphery and settlements with a low socio-economic status.

Removing the mandatory wearing of masks indoors

The mandatory wearing of protective masks in the premises has been canceled.

List of places where the wearing of a protective mask is still required:
– hospitals, clinics and pharmacies;
– organizations providing emergency medical care;
– institutions in which there are elderly people (nursing homes);
– international flights;
– a mask must also be worn by a person heading to a place of self-isolation (usually in connection with a positive test result for coronavirus).

In addition, the Ministry of Health recommends that risk groups (the elderly, people with reduced immunity, etc.) continue to wear protective masks indoors, even if this is not necessary.

From May 20, the mandatory PCR test procedure upon arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport is cancelled.

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