The world warns of a new and dangerous virus: “The first patient is already dead”

Not again: After two and a half years of a global epidemic, from which most countries have only recently begun to recover, a new strain of the virus has been discovered. If according to theories the corona plague came from bats, in this case the accusing finger is pointed at tiny ticks, which carry with them the new virus.

According to reports on the Daily Star news site, an American man in his 50s, whose name was not released to the media, was hospitalized last March in the Connecticut Public Health Department (DPH) after contracting the virus. This, only after three weeks after the first person was diagnosed with the same disease, which has already been given the name Powassan virus or in Hebrew – the West Nile virus.

West Nile virus returned to the picture (Photo:

The first person to fall ill was discovered in the state of Maine near the contact, that is, Northeastern America, and besides him, two more high-profile cases were recorded in less than a month. Compared to corona, this virus is transmitted through tick bites or contact with infected trees.

West Nile virus, unlike corona, is not only manifested by symptoms of fever, loss of sense of taste and smell, colds or sore throats. In the dangerous case before us, the virus attacks the brain and nervous system, and at the time of writing, there is no vaccine or effective treatment against it.

Dr Manisha Jutani, DPH Superintendent, said in a statement: “The identification of a Connecticut resident with a disease associated with the West Nile virus underscores the need to take action to prevent bites around the world in general and in America in particular.”

To do this, the expert recommended using an insect repellent, avoiding areas where ticks are highly likely and carefully examining ticks after you have been in the wild. If you experience a feeling of weakness, fever, headaches or extreme vomiting – contact your nearest hospital in the hope that it can help you cope with long-term symptoms or sometimes even death.

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