Premier League: Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp reveals Bayern secret

Jürgen Klopp (54) and FC Bayern? So far, this combination has not come together. But now the Liverpool coach is revealing an exciting secret.

In an interview with the British newspaper The Telegraph, Klopp revealed that he could have coached Bayern Munich several times during his career. However, the higher number of titles associated with this did not appeal to him.

Klopp: “I could have gone to Bayern a couple of times. I could have won more titles in my life, I’m pretty sure.”

Apparently Bayern have asked several times since his signature at Anfield in 2015. Klopp: “I didn’t do it. I had a contract here and didn’t do it. The world is not full of winners. The world is full of tryers. I try and sometimes I win along with some other people. I’m happy with that.”

When exactly he could have gone to Bayern, Klopp did not reveal.

Immediately after moving to the Premier League in 2015, he said to “Sky Sport News HD”: “I’ve never had contact with Bayern Munich.” According to “The Telegraph”, however, in recent years Bayern have asked about Klopp every time there is a change of coach to have.

Klopp, who recently extended his contract with Liverpool by two years until 2026, would not trade his position at the Reds with any other club.

Klopp: “Which club should I go to to have a different situation? Tell me. The only thing I could do is Pep (Guardiola; Anm.d.Red.) to ask if he was fed up with all the wins and if I would take over at City. Is that the idea? That wouldn’t work, I don’t want to do that.”

Liverpool has already won the Carabao Cup this season, and that’s on Saturday night FA Cup Final vs Chelsea (5:45 p.m.), in two weeks the Champions League final against Real Madrid (May 28, 9 p.m.).

Things are looking bad in the league this season, however, with Manchester City three points ahead and the better goal difference with two games left. Klopp: “It’s good to be here, but the icing on the cake is still missing. We are working on that.”

With Liverpool, Klopp celebrated, among other things, winning the Champions League (2019) and the English championship in 2020.

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