Jukka Jalonen gave paternal advice to young US players: “You have to be able to keep the ball cold” – Sports

The Lions grabbed their third win in as many World Cup games.


“Nine points, a lot of self-confidence and the belief that we are on the right track. ”

This is how Jukka Jalonen, the head coach of the Lions, summed up the first three games after the 4-1 victory in the United States on Monday.

The lions were clearly above the ground and Jussi Olkinuoran the zero game only crumbled at the very end. Before that, the Lions had put the puck in the finish three times with force and once with even.

“Underpower and superiority were both good. Underpower has already played 13 games for good: camp games and now these are here. It was good against Alivoima, there was really good superiority over it, ”Jalonen praised after the game.

The United States were also undefeated in the game, especially in the first two innings.

“We had a good couple of lots. By five to five, we gave one place in the most even. It says we were good with the puck and without the puck. In the third installment, the focus weakened a bit and the same could no longer be done. ”

United States consumed the game as a hot bench and the team went hot on the field from time to time. The opponent took a few penalties, for example, for the offense of the goalkeeper Jussi Olkinuora against, and received a great punishment Teemu Hartikaista head tackled Austin Watson.

Jalonen did not want to take a greater position on what his opponent was doing, but on a general level he reminded of the importance of nerve control.

“In this species, nerve control is damn important. If it cheats, it’s hard to win. It’s about us or anyone, it’s hard to beat the ice box. You have to be able to keep the ball cold. ”

Lions told earlier Monday the good news when the defender Miro Heiskasen joining the Lions was strengthened. There is only one race pass left on the team. Jalonen did not directly tell the schedule for filling the place.

“When things are clear, we’ll let you know.”

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