Red Bull driver Max Verstappen won the Formula 1 race for the Dutch Grand Prix today, and with that result he took the lead again in the general classification. Mercedes driver Valteri Botas.

This is the Dutchman’s seventh victory in this year’s championship and he now has three points more than the seven-time champion and Mercedes driver Luis Hamilton.

Botas took the third place, while Alfa Tauri driver Pierre Gasley finished the fourth race.

Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), Fernando Alonso (Alpin), Carlos Sainz (Ferrari), Sergio Perez (Red Bull), Esteban Ocon (Alpin) and Lando Norris (McLaren) were also placed tenth.

An additional point for the fastest lap was won by Hamilton, with a great run in the last lap.

The race on the “Zandvoort” track was held for the first time after 1985, when the victory was taken by the Austrian Niki Lauda.

The championship continues next week with the race for the Italian Grand Prix, in Monza.

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