Norwegian gift rain for millions

Erling Haaland played his last match for Dortmund this weekend, where the Norwegian bomber was hailed by the German club’s fans.

And according to Talksport, Erling Haaland has also said goodbye to his teammates in Dortmund in a very friendly way. Thus, the media writes that Erling Haaland has spent approximately 4.4 million kroner on gifts to his now former teammates, as well as to the coaching staff in Dortmund.

Haaland should have given a Rolex watch to each of his teammates, as well as to the coaches. Watches that have a value of between 95,000 and 115,000 kroner each.

In addition, Erling Haaland has reportedly bought Omega watches for 20 other employees of the club, including physiotherapists, chefs and counselors. These watches reportedly have a value of between 50,000 and 70,000 kroner each.

In total, these gifts amounted to approximately 4.4 million kroner, writes Talksport. However, it is hardly an expense that means much to the Norwegian. According to transfer journalist Fabrizio Romano, Erling Haaland has thus secured a weekly salary of 3.3 million kroner in Manchester City.

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