Top defenders Miro Heiskanen and Esa Lindell opened their World Championship contract, and the Lions’ management made a stylish gesture

The match against Britain was so light that it was of no use for next week’s tough matches, writes HS sports reporter Heikki Miettinen.


Puck lions held a paid training under the eyes of more than 11,000 spectators at the Nokia Arena in Tampere. On that side, Britain crashed in a 6-0 tournament at the World Cup.

The first theme of the struggle was to shed time difference fatigue Miro Heiskasen and Esa Lindellin members and drive in a reshaped pakistani.

Judging by the result, both succeeded.

The best way to get the rigidity caused by air travel from members is to exercise, and that’s what the match against Britain brought. However, the sport was not reached and it may not be possible against Austria on Saturday either.

The goals were also counted – and the scorers. Defenders Niklas Friman and Juuso Hietanen did the first two. The next two went To Valtteri Filppula and Joel Armialle for an elegant drive.

In the third installment as well Saku Mäenalanen and Toni Rajala came to the finish line.

Excitement for the spectators who applied, the match was an expected disappointment, but Heiskanen alone, Mikael Granlundin, Toni Rajalan, Sakari MannisenIt was worth paying to watch the Army, Filppula or a few other skills.

Heiskanen showed not only the spectators but also the other people in the trough how good gliding and fast hands mean in skating.

A few skillfully quick delusions made me gasp for breath.

The resistance was light, but Heiskanen does the same tricks in tougher games and at a faster pace.

The lions ’coaching leadership made a great gesture by sending Heiskanen and Lindell to the ice at the same time at the start of the match, even though they played their normal exchange in different pairs.

It was an indication that they have been expected and their income will be appreciated after a long period of NHL.

Joel Armia got a good shot against Britain, but the goal came from a pass.

British were a sympathetic surprise at the World Cup in Slovakia three years ago. Joy rose to match the World Cup gold as the team retained their league place.

The British were not left without points in Riga last summer either. Tampere looks skinny, but without points they are not here either. One has come so far.

Hockey and Britain are a fun combination. The species is so small there that it can’t properly rise even on leaf columns.

The British broadcaster BBC wrote six short copies after the British defeat in Sweden. The institution had done its duty, no more.

Why are countries like Britain involved? This is the wish of the International Hockey Federation. Spreading the sport would be a good fit for the IIHF, but it would be much better to spread the sport if the IIHF hired and paid professional coaches for these puck flower pots.

Decades have shown that the species does not grow in countries where there is no winter-like climate and the breeding ground is covered with extensive green football grass. It doesn’t help that one annual World Cup showcase, from which locals barely peek in at all.

Rather, small discus lands grow larger player at a time than with a big boost.

Germany is leading by example. A field of high-quality players has left the country for the NHL. This summer, Austria is taking a short step in the same direction as the young striker Kasperist Framework18, awaits NHL first round booking.

The final of the lions in the first round will be that Austria will meet next and the Czech game on Tuesday will decide the final order.

These two matches did little to prepare the Lions for the Czech game, but there was no harm in them. The passage of time.

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