Astonishment due to the scandal that occurred in the meeting between Brazil and Argentina has not yet passed, and the four players at the center of the storm are still continuing to provoke a dialogue in England as well, where they play. Just minutes after the game between the two rivals, representatives from the Brazilian Ministry of Health took to the field to evacuate the four Premier League players from the visitors, who local authorities claimed were present on the pitch without permission. The quartet in question includes Emiliano Martinez and Emiliano Boandia of Aston Villa, along with Giovanni Lou Celso and Christian Romero of Tottenham.

According to a report in the English “Sky”, the pair of Spurs players are expected to receive a financial penalty from the club, due to the fact that they traveled to represent their teams without the team’s approval. By the way, the Colombian national team stopper, Doynson Sanchez, who also plays for Tottenham, is expected to face a similar fine upon his return from South America. In contrast, Martinez and Bwandia have not breached any agreement they had with Aston Villa, and are therefore unlikely to be punished. However, the four players will not be included in the Albiceleste squad for their last game in the current squad against Bolivia, which will take place on the night between Thursday and Friday.

In the eye of the storm. Emiliano Martinez | Reuters

Due to the fact that the four have finished their way in the national team break, they will soon return to Europe, but instead of going directly to England they will stop in Croatia, where they will spend the next ten days. The reason? If they were to come directly to the kingdom from a red country like Brazil they would have to enter immediately 14 days of isolation, while arriving in a green country like Croatia allows them to shorten the isolation period to ten days and even train and stay fit during this time, without further isolation upon return to England .

Martinez, it seems, is still surprised by the situation: “We all know what happened. We prepared for three days in Brazil and canceling the game after five minutes leaves a bitter taste. We gave everything to succeed and it was canceled due to political reasons we had to return. They could warn us before we arrived. To Brazil. “

Brazil v Argentina
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Afterwards, the national team goalkeeper revealed that at one point there was a horror scenario underway, according to which the quartet had to stay in Brazil for 14 days in isolation: “Argentine association chairman Claudio Tapia helped us, responded with us and said we were all leaving and then we left. Aston Villa did not understand the regulations in Brazil and why the incident happened. The four of us decided to come because of the love for the shirt. The teams did not want us to come, but we decided to come anyway. After winning the Copa America, the whole team wants to be together, not just to win for the team. It’s a beautiful thing to have between us and we are accepting the consequences. “

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