SERIE A: Inter – Sampdoria: Ivan Perišić scored and got injured

Interists hoped they would Sassuolo create a miracle, that it will stage a fall Milan in the last, 38th round A league and yes it will Inter defend the title of Italian champion. But the ‘Rossoneri’ roared away on Maipei, celebrating with a convincing 3-0 and after 11 years winning the Serie A title.

The Rossoneri did all the work in the first half and since both games started at the same time, information quickly arrived on Giuseppe Meazzu where Inter welcomed Sampdoria (3-0). It was felt by the players that they entered the second section relieved, knowing that only a miracle can bring them the title. So they played more openly.

And the reward arrived when it did Ivan Perišić masterfully hit for the lead. Stretcher he pulled a great counter-attack and lost to Perišić on the left side. The Croatian national team player masterfully adjusted to the left and hit in cold blood behind Auder.

Inter gave the second, then the third during which the Croatian national team player was unfortunately injured. Candreva fired a goal Handanović, and the ball hit our Perry. Perišić jumped on one leg even before the shot and it seems that he stopped wrong. The ball hit him and he refused, which opened the counter for Inter, followed by a solo spell Correebut also a shot for Inter.

Perišić was lying on the lawn and the medical service had to take him off the lawn on a stretcher. The situation at Inter has not yet been clarified for the great Croatian national team player, and it is not known whether he will wear a black and blue jersey next season, but these are scenes we did not want to see. The spectators at Giuseppe Meazzi Peri greeted him with applause as he left the game.

It is also a blow to Zlatko Dalic because the question now is whether Perisic will be ready for the upcoming national team obligations. On June 3, Croatia will play against Austria in the City Garden, the ‘Fiery Ones’ will play four games in ten days …

Still, the hope that the injury was not serious is given by the fact that he lay on a stretcher next to the field for a while, and then got up and limped to the bench.

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