Crying City star will bring trophy to Ukraine

The last few months have been very tough for Manchester City’s Ukrainian defender Oleksandr Zinchenko after his home country was invaded by Russia in late February.

The emotions have been many and difficult, he did not hide after he together with Manchester City with an incredible comeback won 3-2 over Aston Villa and secured the English championship.

The tears ran free as he wrapped the championship trophy in the Ukrainian flag.

– I am so proud to be Ukrainian and I would love one day to be able to bring this title to Ukraine and the whole Ukrainian people, because they deserve it, it sounds from Zinchenko according to AFP.

The left-footed back came into the second half of the match on Sunday, with City turning 0-2 to 3-2 in five minutes and securing the championship.

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‘Support means everything’
Zinchenko bid with the assist for Rodris’ 2-2 scoring, but not so long ago Zinchenko could hardly think of football.

“At one point, especially in the beginning (of the invasion, ed.), I hardly thought about football, because it was impossible to live in this time, given what was going on in my country,” Zinchenko said.

Despite the difficult time in his home country, he feels that he has received enormous support, and he is happy that he was able to pay back with a championship.

– The support means everything to me, says Zinchenko.

– What people have given me, what people have done for me during this period, the hardest in my life, is so appreciated. I will never forget that, never in my life.

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