With the victory, the Czech Republic made big bets on the final match against the Lion

One single goal was enough for the Czech Republic to overthrow the United States.


Czech Republic registered to compete for the top spots in Group B of the early series in the World Hockey Tournament in Tampere.

Kari Jalosen The Czech Republic took the required but small 1–0 victory over the USA and can still overtake Finland in the first half.

The match between the Czech Republic and Finland will decide which one will rise to the better starting box in the first half in terms of the semi-finals. The advantage of lions is that a single point is enough to keep the Czech Republic behind.

A young defender of the United States Luke Hughes got a little learned in the opening round. He tried to feed with the attacking blue, but banged towards the puck Hynek Zohornan knee pads. The Czech Republic was attacked by two players and there were no opponents except the goalkeeper Jeremy Swayman. It was bad for Swayman when Zohorna baited Matej Blumelillewho twisted a clever delusion.

Jalonen I have amassed the number one skill to think that the puck will compete in the finish every time.

Defender of Detroit Filip Hronek played on the line against the USA. A four-striker figure in Boston David Pastrnak and San Jose Tomas Hertl represented transatlantic skill. The rest was taken care of Roman Cervenka and David KrejciEuropean hockey tops both.

The news is complete.

Finland and the Czech Republic will meet on Tuesday at 8.20 pm. MTV3 and Cmore show the game live.

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