Precisely after the big 2: 5 victory over Austria, the Israeli team was defeated tonight (Tuesday) in Denmark in the World Cup qualifiers, and it seems that “back to its natural dimensions”, as the cliché says. And as expected, the fans of the Israeli team enjoyed having fun at the expense of the team and killed the Israeli players on the net, and as always, at the center of criticism was Eran Zehavi, the defense and Eitan Tibi, the combination of Noble Omar and the neighborhood exiles. Shock some of the amusing tweets.

Put in Linoy Ashram already

. Reshef Shay (Rereshef) September 7, 2021


– Eran Soroka (sorokman) September 7, 2021

If in 4th grade at Brenner School we were to get such a goal in a game against 4th grade, Nadav the gymnastics teacher would tell us not to come back tomorrow without the parents

. itzik shasho (shashtech) September 7, 2021

Where are Brazil’s health inspectors when you really need them to stop playing?

– Moshe davidovich (tomoshed) September 7, 2021

What good would it do for the national team’s future, to make a promise at the age of 21 who are already scoring goals in Europe or to bring in a 28 – year – old player with a repulsive moral stain without any real chance of advancing in the future that the result is already 4.0?

– Ido vugalter (IVugalter) September 7, 2021

Denmark VS Israel

– PlaNeta (NetaLevinson) September 7, 2021

Denmark is a bombshell team, Israel is not approaching its level – everything is clear.
But why is it impossible to keep normal with free throws?

– Ben Mittelman (BenMittelman) September 7, 2021

And that’s even without escort girls

– Nir Tsadok (NirTsadok) September 7, 2021

Israel’s national team

. Chaim Levinson (chaimlevinson) September 7, 2021

Expectations as always are exaggerated. One excellent game in this campaign is the maximum and almost as always it will end in fourth place

– dedy markovich (only_ombudsman) September 7, 2021

And today in our corner: Zehavi meets real defense

– Duby Yoely (lomekir) September 7, 2021

What did the Danish coach say to the players before the game?

. Idan Vinitsky (@idanvini) September 7, 2021

Put now in this state the noble – who said that the Austrian has no sense of humor

– Oded Shalev (odedshalev) September 7, 2021

78.minute Ola calls, broke Spiegler’s record

. guy aviezer (aviezer32) September 7, 2021

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