After the big drama and the explosion of the game between Brazil and Argentina, the World Cup qualifiers in South America will resume on the night between Thursday and Friday. Argentina returns home and hosts Bolivia. Brazil, which beyond the effects of the suspended game, is also dealing with the story of the non.release of Premier League players to the national team will host Peru. Uruguay will look for a second straight win in the home game against Ecuador, while Colombia will host Chile.

The scandal between the Brazilian team and the Argentine team | Imagebank GettyImages, MB Media

Argentina – Bolivia (2:30, Sport1)

After the scandal in Brazil, the Albiceleste return home and will go up without the four quarrelsome players Giovanni Lu Celso, Christian Romero, Emmy Boandia and Emmy Martinez, who did leave Brazil – but will not play against Bolivia. The host will try to put behind it the events from the last round and achieve a fifth victory in the qualifiers. The visitors, who have won only once during the qualifiers and snatched a quartet from the Argentines during the last Copa America, will hope for a surprise.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni referred to the scandal that was against Brazil and said: “What happened there can not happen again. We have to make decisions. We will meet with the associations and coaches to find a solution. The players were worried and shocked that their clubs wanted them back as soon as possible. To happen again. “

Brazil – Peru (3:30, Sports 2)

Although the Salsa are still perfect in the campaign (when the decision regarding the outcome of the game that exploded against Argentina has not yet been made), quite a bit of chaos has prevailed around the Brazilian team last week. Beyond the suspended match events, Brazil dealt with the FIFA local association’s demand to suspend the Brazilian players who were not released from the English teams for the national team games.

The players in question are Alison Becker, Fabino Roberto Firmino (Liverpool), Ederson, Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City), with other names including Thiago Silva (Chelsea), Fred (Manchester United) and Richardson ( Everton).

The guest, who is two points away from fifth place, will try to be the first to take points from Brazil, with the memory of the 1.0 loss in the Copa America still fresh.

Neymar is a player for the Brazil national team
Neymar is a player for the Brazil national team | Reuters

Uruguay – Ecuador (1:30, Sport 2)

After three consecutive draws in the qualifiers, Uruguay finally managed to secure a victory in the previous round – 2: 4 over Bolivia. Now, Oscar Tavares’ team meets the surprising Ecuador who are in third place and are one point ahead of them. The visitors missed an opportunity to cling to Argentina in the last round when they parted ways with Chile 0.0 at home.

This is the second time that the two teams meet in the qualifiers, when the host will surely want to reward the opponent for the 4: 2 that it instilled in her in October 2020 in a game held in the capital of Ecuador Quito.

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