Reds vs Real Revenge and history in the final

On Saturday, all eyes will turn to the Stade de France in the French capital, Paris, where Liverpool will meet with Real Madrid in the final match of the Champions League.

After eliminating 3 of the most likely teams to win the title, Real Madrid aspires to crown its brilliant start in the current season with the Champions League title, to add it to the Spanish League title it won weeks ago.

Despite being the 17th final match for Real in the history of the tournament and the team winning the title 13 times previously, Real knows that its English rival is no less experienced and that the confrontation with him will not be easy at all, especially since Liverpool won the title 6 previous times and also aspires to crown the title this season. .

The last confrontation between the two teams in the tournament ended with the victory of the “Royal” over the “Reds” in the total of the first and second matches in the round of 8 last season, and the two teams also met in the final of the 2017/2018 season, and the victory was for Real 3-1 before Liverpool scored The title in the following season by defeating Tottenham 2-0 in the final.

Real owes a great deal of thanks in reaching the final to the goals of its French striker Karim Benzema, who presented his best seasons with “Royal Club” locally and in Europe and scored 15 goals for the team in the European Championship this season to be at the top of the competition’s top scorer this season.

Benzema’s balance represents more than half of the goals scored by Real Madrid (28 goals) in his 12 matches in the tournament, knowing that Benzema played only 11 of them. Despite this, the coach of the “Royal”, Italian Carlo Ancelotti, relies a lot on the experience of his players, especially Benzema, Croatian Luka Modric and Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, who had a prominent role in overcoming Man City’s obstacle in the semi-finals of the tournament.

Liverpool’s ambitions

Liverpool realizes how difficult the task awaits them in the final, especially with the enormous experience enjoyed by the Real Madrid and the superiority of the Spanish team in the history of previous confrontations between the two teams.

But the Reds’ motivation to win the title may be more powerful, not only because of the team’s desire to avenge the “Royal”, but also after the team failed to win the English Premier League title this season.

Liverpool’s march during the tournament also confirmed that it might be the best team in Europe at the technical, physical and tactical levels, led by its German coach, Jurgen Klopp.

The results also confirmed that he is good at playing and achieving distinguished results in the matches he plays outside his stadium, as Liverpool won all six matches he played outside his home in the various rounds of the championship.

And if Liverpool succeeds in repeating this during the match tomorrow, Saturday, the team will crown its seventh title in the Champions League, knowing that its current 6 titles already make it the most successful English team in the Champions League.

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