Boxing: Mahmoud Charr: The Lion With The Titan Hips

Mahmoud Charr (37) conceded the first shot at the age of three. During the civil war in Lebanon, he was caught by grenade fragments. When he was five, his mother fled to Germany with him. “I had the worst conditions,” says the boxing professional. But he fought his way through – and became the world heavyweight champion in 2017. “My life is like Rocky Balbao’s: never give up!”

This is true for Charr to this day.

In early 2021, boxing godfather Don King (90) stole his WBA title, but he got back up afterwards. “If you have achieved everything as an athlete, but your heart still beats for the sport, you are not satisfied with the success. You have to keep fighting and keep working on yourself. I’m like a lion restrained to hunt. The hunger for success is very powerful in me.”

On his way back to the top he fights against Nicola Milacic (28/ record: 21 wins, 2 losses) for EC Boxing in Hamburg on Saturday. BILDplus will broadcast live from 8 p.m.

Charr’s Incredible Story!

A few times Charr, who must have called Manuel earlier, screwed up himself, had trouble with the judiciary. “In reality, that was always just the cry: I’m alive, I’m here, listen!” he says today. In 2015 he was gunned down in a kebab shop in Essen. The stomach shot almost cost him his life. The huge scar reminds him of that forever.

In 2017, the native of Cologne went under the knife again and had two artificial hips made of titanium used in Switzerland. “Nothing beats harder than life,” says Charr, adding: “I had congenital hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. My body was that of an 80-year-old.”

However, he didn’t want to know anything about the end of his career – and was back in the ring just seven months later. “I want to encourage people,” says Charr. “I came to Germany as a refugee. I have a message for the refugees who are coming here now: integrate yourself, believe in yourself, work on yourselves. And never give up on your dreams.”

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