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The Czech Republic, led by Kari Jalonen, experienced a spanking in the World Cup semi-final.

Too much coolers. Too many stupid coolers.

This is what the Czech head coach summed up Kari Jalonen his team’s performance in the World Cup semi-final against Canada. Canada carefully gave in to his father and dusted the Czech Republic with a 6-1 reading.

The Czech discipline was striking.

“We’ve actually been talking about icelessness throughout the tournament. There has been something to do with it and there have been problems with it since the start of the tournament. I don’t think this tournament will handle those colds, ”said Jalonen after the match.

The match the turning point occurred in the eighth minute of the second round when the Czech superstar David Pastrnak frustratedly, the referee signaled a penalty 60 minutes into the game following an offense which looked like it was outside the box.

Canada cleared the cool with a 2-1 lead and it was going after that.

Jalonen saved the Boston Bruins 26-year-old star striker from an avalanche of feedback, but manned to cool in front of the media.

“I haven’t talked to him. Yes, players know… they need to know what the situation is. We have talked about this with the players so many times that they need to know, ”Jalonen said.

Strong after the opening batch, the Czech pack spread completely in the second batch. Canada took the consignment purely 3-0.

Jalonen tried to wake up his team by taking overtime after a 3-1 goal. It did not help.

“It simply came to our notice then. We got into the game really well and played exactly the game we were thinking against Canada. Tomas Hertl was a place of passage in a 1-0 situation. It could have been 2–0, but this is a bit of a joke, ”Jalonen said.

“We totally lost our own game to those two goals of superiority. I tried to get back out of focus overtime, but was no longer successful. Canada needs to be given Credits for holding the game and no longer giving us anything. We have to live with this result. ”

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