A lot of nerves and disappointment were recorded last night (Saturday) with Bnei Sakhnin last night, after the dramatic 2: 1 loss to Maccabi Haifa. The team complimented the players on the ability, but were furious at the referee and especially at the penalty awarded to Maccabi Haifa: “The VAR is supposed to correct cases where it is clear that the referee was wrong, A factor in the management of Bnei Sakhnin.

One of the players from Bnei Sakhnin also claimed discrimination: “This is a whistle that is a net whistle of pressure from the crowd and the atmosphere that was. We were equal against Maccabi Haifa, but then they just got help.”

Another incident that angered the people and players of Bnei Sakhnin was when the Maccabi Haifa players decided not to return a ball issued by Mahmoud Kandil so that Biram could be treated at Kiel. Bnei Sakhnin’s team manager Jamal Ghanaim, as well as goalkeeping coach Ami Ganish, were furious on the Maccabi Haifa bench and a confrontation ensued between the parties: “Haifa should be ashamed,” said one of the players, “a team of its size should not behave like this.”

Despite the loss, Sakhnin are happy with the ability and how the team looked in the two opening rounds. The team was also pleased with the fact that Guy Melamed recorded a cooking debut and hopes to gain confidence from this: “We have a top team squad,” said management,

Biram Kiel is honored by Maccabi Haifa before the game | Danny Maron

Speaking of Kiel, the player was very excited about the ceremony held in his honor before the game and the attitude of the green crowd towards him. However, at the end of the game, there was a confrontation between the player’s family and a Maccabi Haifa fan who cursed the contact’s wife, according to Sakhnin, an incident that greatly angered the player’s father. Those who came to calm the spirits were Maccabi Haifa fans, who asked Biram Kiel’s father to ignore that fan and made it clear to him how much Maccabi Haifa fans value his son.

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